Fear Effect Sedna PS4, Xbox One Ports Announced As Kickstarter Winds Down

Sushee Games’ revival of Fear Effect under the title Fear Effect Sedna received some surprisingly good news: a console port will be in the works for the PS4 and Xbox One, in addition to the game coming to PC.

True Achievements picked up the news from an update that was recently made over on the Kickstarter page for Fear Effect Sedna, where Sushee Games announced that as they’re nearing the end of their crowd-funding drive, they wanted to remove the stretch goal of consoles and just make it a standard pledging option at the €20 and €35 tiers.

The announcement of a console port was also accompanied by a new gameplay video showcasing what the developers have in store for gamers. You can check out a quick demonstration below, giving gamers an idea of how the isometric gameplay operates.

It’s like a real-time version of Jagged Alliance. Actually, it’s very similar to the original Fear Effect on the PSX, only this time you get to control two characters at once, a little bit like an RTS title. The develops also say that there will be some skills added to the game for each character, in order for them to manipulate certain situations in their favor throughout the gameplay experience.

One promising aspect of the game is the difficulty. The video clearly shows that puzzles will be punishing and death will always be imminent upon failure. I like that right now Fear Effect Sedna doesn’t appear to be pulling any punches when it comes to difficulty, just like the original.

These days gaming is centered a lot around hand-holding and ensuring that gamers never fail. Back in my day games were all about making you fail first and then making you earn what few victories the game had to offer. I’m looking forward to earning that end credit screen in Fear Effect Sedna… assuming the game gets funded.

With a little bit of support from the Square Enix Collective and just over a week to go in crowd-funding, the team is nearing their goal of $114,000 on Kickstarter. The news about console ports will likely spur just enough interest to help push them over the finish line. Then again, they could always just include a clip of the lesbian make-out scene to help get the extra funds rolling in. Obviously you’ll need a reminder.

Thanks for that video Shady Corner, you help keep the internet legit.

You can learn more about Fear Effect Sedna or pledge some funds to the cause by hitting up the Kickstarter page.


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