GTA 3, Sonic The Hedgehog Added To World Video Game Hall Of Fame

Six more classics have been added to The Strong’s World Video Game Hall of Fame. The six entries where dwindled down from 16 different nominees for the 2016 hall of fame induction. So which six games managed to get culled from the pack to receive the honor of being considered “Hall of Fame” worthy?

Well, to absolutely no one’s surprise, Grand Theft Auto III led the pack of six iconic games, including The Sims, The Oregon Trail, The Sims, Space Invaders, The Legend of Zelda and Sonic The Hedgehog.

The six inductees were detailed over on the official Museum of Play website, where they gave a nice postmortem on each of the games for the elation of fans and as a history lesson for young’ins who don’t know any better.

I can’t knock any of the games they chose to have in this year’s induction into the hall of fame, mostly because each game has added a great deal to its own brand legacy or to the overall growth of the industry in general, such as The Legend of Zelda, where The Strong’s associate curator, Shannon Symonds, explained why the original NES game was chosen to be inducted, stating…

“The Legend of Zelda became one of the most iconic titles of the 1980s and a staple of popular culture with its sequels, spin-offs, comic books, and a television series.”

Fans of Link and Zelda will get a lot more of the duo this June when Nintendo spends an entire day talking about, showcasing and promoting the new generation of The Legend of Zelda for the Wii U, and its successor the Nintendo NX.

It’s kind of a no-brainer why both The Sims and GTA III made the cut. Both came out around a time of great innovation, when developers were embracing a time of change and trying new things. And as the great Adam Jensen once said, “if you want to make enemies, try to change something”. Rockstar and Maxis both changed up the gaming formula in big ways with the aforementioned titles — including the pixelated nudity in The Sims and being able to beat up hookers in GTA III —  and the predecessor to Anita Sarkeesian, known as Jack Thompson, came after games with an iron fist and a satchel full of the law.

Unfortunately, despite gaming having survived Jack Thompson it managed to fall victim to Anita Sarkeesian.

At least the games that were untouched by the hands of SocJus can remain untouched in the hall of fame.

Edutainment titles like The Oregon Trail also fill out the ranks, along with the Atari classic, Space Invaders, which was the game that really put console gaming on the map.

And finally, there’s the little blue hedgehog himself… Sonic. This poor chap has helped evolve gaming as much as he’s sullied it. This kid went from revolutionizing side-scrolling platformers back during the age of animals with attitudes, to nearly destroying that concept with his gag-worthy inter-species relationship with Princess Sara in Sonic ’06.

Anyway, Sonic has been redeemed thanks to a Twitter account that’s just downright beastly, and the fact that The Strong’s Musuem of Play is recognizing the blue hero before he was taken down a path even a crack-whore would be ashamed of, shows that maybe there’s still hope for him yet.