GTA 5 Online 1.33 Car Duplication Glitch Nets You Infinite Money

Rockstar recently updated GTA V‘s online component. The game is still running at version 1.33 but that hasn’t stopped Rockstar from making some tweaks and fixes on that long-in-the-tooth version by adding in new Adversary maps for the Xbox One, PS4 and PC versions of the game, as outlined over on the official Rockstar website. Well, in accordance with the updates, a new 1.33 car duplication glitch has been discovered to net you an infinite amount of money.

This GTA Online cheat for unlimited money on the Xbox One, PC and PS4 versions of the game was discovered by YouTuber Undead Banana. There’s a walkthrough video on how to perform the glitch that you can check out below.

As pointed out in the video, this money cheat will work with the GTA Online lowrider update, allowing you to sell each car for $500,000 and bypass the 45 minute wait.

You’ll first need to have a friend to help you out, you’ll also need your first garage filled with 10 Elegy cars. Drive one of the Elegy vehicles out of the garage and have your friend get in the car and stay in the car. Make sure the Elegy is not moving.

Proceed to exit the Elegy and steal a random car off the street.

Take the car to the Los Santos Customs and put a tracker on the car. That’s all.

GTA 5 Online - Image22

Exit Los Santos Customs and your friend should be automatically kicked out of the Elegy. To check for this, call up your mechanic for the delivery service and check your garage to see if the new random car you just put a tracker on is in your delivery list. If it is, then you’re doing the glitch right.

Drive the random car back to your first garage (we’ll call it garage 1) and if you did the previous steps correctly, you should be able to store the car in your garage without an alert message.

After storing the car, open up the phone and go to Legendary Motorsport. Order an Elegy RH8 and have it replace the random car you just stored in your garage.

Head to the blue circle within your garage and swap any of your Elegy into the empty position where the random car previously was. Undead Banana shows in the video how to perform the swap easily just by rearranging the cars in your garage.

After rearranging the position of the cars, get in the Elegy that you just placed into the first slot within your garage and drive it out and then have your friend get in and stay in the Elegy.

Proceed to steal any lowrider and drive it to Benny’s. Fully upgrade the lowrider and it should kick your friend out of your Elegy. When you drive the fully upgraded lowrider back to your garage you should get a “Garage Full” error. Proceed to enter anyway and you’ll need to replace one of the Elegy already in garage 1.

Replace any of the Elegy except for the one that was in slot 1.

Exit the garage and call to have the lowrider delivered to you. When it arrives, drive it into your garage and you should get the “Garage Full” error. Proceed to replace another Elegy with the lowrider, thus duplicating the lowrider.

Exit the garage and rinse and repeat the process of requesting the lowrider until you fill up your garage.

It’s noted that once you fill up garage 1 you can then proceed to store the duplicated lowriders at your other garages. You can literally make an infinite amount of duplicates and sell them back to back to make millions of dollars within the span of minutes.

Don’t be surprised if Rockstar tries to nuke this particular GTA 5 glitch from orbit when patch 1.34 arrives.

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