Homefront: The Revolution Complete Gameplay Walkthrough

Dambuster Studios and Deep Silver worked hard to try to salvage what was left of Homefront: The Revolution after THQ dissolved and Crytek fell in under. Their efforts are a mishmash of concepts that had potential but lacked polish in a few areas. It was pretty obvious where some parts were clearly completed by Crytek and others were stitched together by Dambusters. Either way, if you want to see the entire game in action from start to finish, there’s a 12 hour gameplay walkthrough going from start to finish for the first-person shooter set in the occupied zone of Philadelphia.

Homefront: The Revolution hasn’t been faring well on the critic’s block, but if you don’t trust critics and you want to see what the game looks like on the Xbox One, PS4 or PC for yourself, you can check out the impressive video playlist by YouTuber RabidRetroSpectGames, highlighting the entirety of the gameplay along with etching out a path for players to discover some of its hidden secrets. You can check out the 12 and a half hour video below.

The start of the game doesn’t see players taking control until after the opening cinematic where the resistant leader, Walker, gets shot and is helped to a small house on a couch. Players are given a cell phone to help with navigation and scouting through the map.

The first main mission is to find a safe house in Philadelphia. Get to the first stash house, grab the bolt cutters and then head to the location with the KPA transceiver; use the bolt cutters to get inside and then proceed to use the Atari-grade hacking mechanic to find the resistance tunnel.

After spending half an hour with the tutorial, you’ll eventually get to the meat of the game where you can begin to actually play. It’s like the complete opposite of the DOOM reboot (though technically it’s DOOM 4). The game strings players along for the first hour or so, but then afterward the game eventually lets players do their own thing. Despite being in an open world environment, it still feels very… restricted. It’s like being in an open world while attached to a tether.

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A few things worth noting: Hacking is done by rotating both analog sticks until they fill up the blue bar in the middle; the tactic is to find the “sweet spot” for each hacking point in order for it to proceed. You can alter your weapon’s customization in the field after you purchase an upgrade for it. You can use silenced weapons to infiltrate bases and avoid getting swarmed by reinforcements and heavily armed guards. The crossbow was the weapon of choice for the most part in the walkthrough because it’s silent and efficient.

Given the game’s non-linear approach to completing levels, you can check through the video to find the segment you’re on if you’re stuck, to see an effective way in how to complete that mission. Most missions seem to be easily completed with a light stealth approach and a pistol shot to the head of NPCs who attempt to get in your way. Homefront: The Revolution has a rather tame approach to the AI path and logic nodes, so you don’t have to worry about them being as challenging or as difficult as the original Halo or the newest DOOM.

If you’re only interested in finding the Timesplitters 2 Easter Egg, there’s a video showing how to access it. You can check it out below.

You’ll find it in the Restricted Zone at the base in the upper right corner. It’s the base that’s highlighted a darker blue than the rest of the zones within the Restricted Zone. Once you’re at the base, head upstairs and you’ll find an arcade cabinet in the corner. Activate the arcade cabinet and you’ll be able to play the story mode of Timesplitters 2.

If you’re having a hard time trying to find where to go to access the arcade cabinet just follow the player icon in the map image below.

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You only get to play two of the levels from Timesplitters 2, the Siberia level that always reminded me of Perfect Dark, and the 1932 Chicago level. Despite the game being as old as it is, the animation quality and lip-syncing is extremely well done.

It’s a shame that they didn’t include the futuristic cyberpunk stage, because that one was actually pretty fun.

It takes him nearly half an hour to complete the Siberia stage, it was easily one of the hardest levels in the whole game. The Chicago level is a lot shorter and only takes 10 minutes to complete.

If, however, you have no interest at all in the actual gameplay of Homefront: The Revolution and you don’t care about the shooting, driving and the missions, you can check out the game’s cinematics, which will give you all of the game’s story and none of the gameplay, you can check out the video containing nothing but cinematics below, including the very underwhelming ending.

As a game, Homefront: The Revolution had potential but the troubled development due to Crytek falling in under and some serious frame-rate issues really seemed to hamper what could have otherwise been the cobbled-together love-child of Red Dawn and Far Cry.

You can pick up a digital or physical copy of Homefront: The Revolution for the Xbox One, PS4 or PC if you plan on playing through the game yourself, or you can go buy another game now that you saved yourself $60 and watched all 12 hours of it right here.


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