Judge Denies Gawker’s Appeal To Pay Hogan $140 Million

I’m sure some people might be questioning why this particular legal matter is being covered here at One Angry Gamer, but simply put this is #GamerGate related since it deals with ethics in journalism. In case you were brainwashed by the unethical media outlets to think it was anything other than that, this news post here is to remind you that it’s about ethics in journalism.

Anyway, Anna Phillips from the Tampa Bay Times tipped news media that honorable Judge Pamela Campbell has upheld the verdict of the jury, denying Gawker’s appeal for having to pay out $140 million to Terry Bollea, better known to most people as professional wrestler Hulk Hogan.

According to the Wall Street Journal, Gawker attempted to sway the judge in their favor by claiming that Peter Thiel, a certain billionaire that they had outed years before as being gay on their Valleywag blog – the former home of Sam Biddle, who said that they should “bring back bullying” to bully those using the GamerGate hashtag out of existence, as reported by – was financing Hogan’s trial.

Thiel believed that Gawker was little more than blogging terrorists, calling Valleywag the al Qaeda of Silicon Valley. Valleywag was shut down last year.

When Gawker’s attorney attempted to persuade the judge with information about Thiel’s connection to Hogan, she dismissed those attempts saying their attempts at gossip-baiting was “not healthy”.

The Wall Street Journal tries to clip quotes from some individuals to make it as if Judge Campbell upholding the jury’s verdict for Gawker’s $140 million fine could pose a “chilling effect” on news journalism. However, most people with common sense and who are tired of online media’s click-bait blogging have rallied to cheer Judge Campbell for doing the right thing in this case.

Publishing sex tapes as revenge porn is not journalism. Outing the private lives of citizens for no reason at all is not journalism.

Gawker supposedly only made $48 million in revenue in 2015, it was very much down from the previous year thanks to #GamerGate’s late 2014 efforts using the Operation Disrespectful Nod to kill off some of Gawker’s advertisers with an organized e-mail campaign. It was later reported that #GamerGate had cost Gawker anywhere between $1 million and $9 million in revenue, according to a poorly structured article on New York Magazine.

While #GamerGate was certainly not a killing blow to Gawker, it was enough to teeter them going into the trial against Hogan. The company is valued at $87 million and losing the trial will have devastating repercussions on the company, since the $147 million verdict is more than what they can afford to pay.

#GamerGate is hoping out of all of this that Gawker’s subsidiary, Kotaku, is either buried or bought up and shut down. Others hope that it’s gutted and re-purposed as an actual video game news outlet that isn’t designed to devalue the gaming industry.

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