King Of Fighers XIV Team Yagami Trailer Revives Mature And Vice

The dynamic lesbian-esque duo of Mature and Vice, the former assistants to Rugal Bernstein, have made a return to King of Fighters as teammates to Iori Yagami, the guy who supposedly killed them way back in 1996. The anti-villain Iori is put front and center with Mature and Vice alongside him.

I don’t remember much of Mature or Vice, they were definitely difficult to fight back in KoF ’96, especially Vice, but other than a few annoying combos they were more memorable for their story elements than their fighting prowess. It is nice to see some of Rugal’s moves make an appearance in Mature’s moveset, especially with her special move. You can check out the trailer below that was posted over on the SNK YouTube channel.

SNK has been working really hard to try to make King of Fighters XIV as nostalgic as possible, keeping each of the characters, the moves, the combos and the supers as reminiscent to the older games as possible. No complaints here.

My main worry about the game is the fighting pace and how well higher tier players will be able to maintain a good back and forth feel in the fight. This was never an issue with King of Fighters XIII or any of the King of Fighters games before 2002, so we’ll see how well they can maintain the fighting pace in this newest game.

Previously we were able to see Team Japan in action, with Kyo, Benimaru and Goro going at it and putting their moves and combos on display for the whole world to see.

I do love the way SNK is promoting King of Fighters XIV. Consistently peppering the fighting game community with new trailers and screenshots every couple of days leading up to the August release is pretty freaking awesome. It keeps gamers highly in tune to everything that the game has to offer while not spoiling anything. That’s how you do PR proper.

King of Fighters XIV is set for release exclusively on the PS4 this August, and hopefully it will sell well enough to make an appearance on Steam.


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