King Of Fighters XIV Screenshots And Video Feature Angel And Luong

Some new screenshots have been released for King of Fighters XIV, giving gamers an even more in-depth look at some of the characters on the roster, and a few of their devastating moves.

SNK dropped some of the new screenshots over on their official Twitter account. The shots consist of characters like Angel giving Robert the boot… literally. You can check that out below.


Another shot features two of the new characters going at it, Mui Mui and the extremely sultry Luong. I just have to say that Luong’s fighting style matches her appearance, and her long legs are complimented well with combos and moves that fit her perfectly. What’s more is that not only does she have a silky smooth fighting style but it’s still distinct enough that it doesn’t overlap with King or Kim, allowing her to have her own identity in the kind of moves she executes. You can check out the shot below.


Not to divert from the story at hand, but I just figured some of you might want to see what I’m talking about regarding Luong and her sexy-sick skills. Shoryuken managed to find some YouTube footage of the Stunfest 2016 event that recently took place in France.

The video footage features some high-level play between two players controlling some of the more recognizable names in King of Fighters XIV, along with newcomer Luong. You can check out the nine minute video below.

Originally I was really worried about the gameplay pace of King of Fighters XIV, but the above video really put my worries to rest. The game moves really nicely and there’s ample opportunities for back and forth counters and special moves.

There’s a second video you can check out that was put together by YouTuber Grave lee that highlights some of the combo moves from a few of the characters.

The game will also be making the rounds at Combo Breaker and CES 2016 leading up to the August release date.

But after that little detour it’s time to get back to the screenshots.

The last two shots feature a mirror match between Tung Fu Rue hulking out and K’ about to blow Ryo to smithereens. Check them out below.



King of Fighters XIV is due for release exclusively on the PlayStation 4 starting August 23rd. The game will carry a $60 price tag but will be jammed to the rim with content, including training modes, mission modes, a story mode, versus modes, online modes and 50 different characters to play.

Hopefully the game sells well enough that it makes an appearance on Steam some time down the line.

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