Koihime Enbu, Visual Novel Fighting Game Now On Steam

Unknown Games and Degica have teamed to release Koihime Enbu on Steam for PC. The 2D fighting game sports 13 hand-animated pugilists and features an all-female cast. The visually mimics an anime-style presentation that’s designed to bring the look and feel of the visual novel to life.

The game recently launched on Steam for $39.99 but you can grab a digital copy for 15% off the standard price for the first week of its availability. It sports both single and multiplayer modes with local and online co-op, a scenario story mode, a versus mode, an arcade mode, a training mode, an online mode, a replay mode and a gallery mode.

Koihime Enbu sports surprisingly fluid animations and seems to have a similar setup to the Melty Blood series. It certainly isn’t as fast as Guilty Gear nor is it as technical as King of Fighters. Even still, you can get a look at the game in action with the 13 minute video below from YouTuber The Game Shed.



It’s not the kind of game that’s going to appeal to the really hardcore FGC member. The larger sprites and more intimate battle aesthetic makes more like a mid-core fighting game than a typical hardcore fighting game. Even still, a lot of the reviews for the game over on the Steam page are fairly positive.

A lot of the gamers enjoy the art-style and the simplistic approach to the fight mechanics, even though other gamers lament said simplicity. The story mode is praised greatly for including a lot of back and forth banter between the characters, and the character designs (especially with the rather buxom protagonist on display) has warmed the hearts (and other regions) of most fans.

Again, this does not detract from the negative reviews for the game that point out that if you aren’t into simplistic fighters you aren’t going to enjoy Koihime Enbu very much.

If you’re a fighting game aficionado who collects various games then this probably might be the kind of game to add to your list. But if you’re looking for something like BlazBlue or Guilty Gear to satiate your thirst for a hardcore, off-the-wall, combo heavy fighter, then you may want to stick with the aforementioned games.

Nevertheless, you can learn more about Koihime Enbu and its features by checking out the Steam store page or by checking out the official website.

(Main image courtesy of Nero)


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