KontrolFreek Preps For Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare With FPS Freek S.C.A.R.

The new FPS Freek Call of Duty S.C.A.R., is an officially licensed Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare accessory for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One controllers. In the typical fashion of previous FPS Freek accessories, the new S.C.A.R., features a protuberant analog nub, and indentations for gripping the thumb.

Much like the other KontrolFreek analog extenders, the S.C.A.R., features a customized look that fits the motif of Call of Duty, with a skull insignia laser-etched on the top, representative of the Special Combat Air Recon faction in the upcoming Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare.

The engraving is highlighted with a steel blue color scheme and the S.C.A.R., initials at the base of the pad.

There are ridges encircling the main the thumbstick that ensures that players maintain grip even when they move to the far edges of the concave top.

While aesthetics is nice and all, most people are probably concerned with the most important aspect of this analog extender: how well does it function?

According to KontrolFreek, the range of motion for the average analog stick is extended by 136% thanks to the fact that it adds 10.4mm height to the analog stick.

Ashish Mistry, the pesident and CEO of KontrolFreek, commented about the new S.C.A.R., accessory, stating in the press release…

“Our partnership with Activision last year was extremely successful,” […] “KontrolFreek and Call of Duty have many of the same fans, so it was no surprise that our licensed products flew off the shelves in 2015. Knowing how much our community is anticipating the new Infinite Warfare game, I know that they will share our excitement as we launch our first joint product of 2016.”

You can grab KontrolFreek’s FPS Freek Call of Duty: S.C.A.R., for the Xbox One or the PS4 for $17.99. To learn more about the controller extender, feel free to check out the official KontrolFreek website.


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