Long Gone Days Utilizes New Features With RPG Maker MV
(Last Updated On: May 28, 2016)

Long Gone Days  is a new indie RPG made with RPG Maker MV, developed by Bura. However, Long Gone Days has used the tools given to them to get creative to add in a few additional features you normally don’t see in RPG Maker games.

Long Gone Days is an RPG set in modern-day times, focusing on a story driven plot about a group of young adults in an inescapable war. Players will take control of a young man named Rourke, who has decided to abandon his post in an attempt to get out of fighting in the war. The battle system uses basic JRPG and RPG Maker combat, with enemies standing in front of you with your team’s stats and pictures located at the bottom of the screen.

However, the developers have added in another function where you can go in first person sniper-scope mode to target and shoot people as they walk and interact with people around the city. This gives you two very different combat systems within the same game, which to me seems like a great way of breaking up the monotony and grind you find in other RPG Maker games.

long days gone 2

The developers for Long Gone Days has also taken the time to draw out their own assets to give the game a more unique look, making their characters a bit taller than what you normally see in retro pixel-art games using RPG Maker and giving the game a more mature look, almost similar to one of the later games you would from the final years of the SNES era of gaming. I personally love the animations, the detail in the environment, as well as the character portraits. Long Gone Days will also have elements of Visual Novels mixed in with their storytelling, giving the game a bit more depth and a layered feel to the overall gameplay. The developers have released a small gameplay trailer that I linked down below, so take a look to see what Long Gone Days has to offer.

Developers Bura have also released a gameplay Demo for Long Gone Days at both Gamejolt and Itch.IO, so you can follow those links if you would like to play and see what the game is like for yourself. Furthermore, if you enjoy what you have read and seen so far, you can also visit their Steam Greenlight page to vote for them or to learn more about the game.

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  • Hawk Hopper

    This does look cool, even though I really don’t play JRPGs. I do like the pixel art and I like how you can target specific parts of your enemies during the turn based battles. I didn’t expect to see that sniping gameplay and I wonder how and when that can be used.

    • Nick

      I actually downloaded and played the demo after I finished the article… and… IT WAS REALLY FUN! I went into it knowing it was RPG maker, but I like the presentation, the story, and the way the characters interact. I also like that they took the time to hide items in places to reward players that like to click around. The sniper part is in the demo (in case you didn’t play) and it was pretty neat, but it was mostly story related. So I would like to see how they utilize that in the full game. The body targeting was also pretty cool. I’ll probably write a proper Preview article to talk about all of these features in more detail, or if the developers are nice enough, ask for a review copy when it hits Steam.