Microsoft Rumored To Unveil New Xbox One At E3
(Last Updated On: June 13, 2016)

Rumors surrounding Microsoft and a new Xbox One refresh are swirling hot and heavy like Polygon’s Let’s Play videos of DOOM down the toilets of Youtube stars. has a collection of reports from various sources, all of whom claim that two new Xbox One units are on the way. The first unit will be a slimmer Xbox One, 40% smaller with a larger hard drive, essentially like forcing your girlfriend into bulimia while getting a boob job at the same time. They don’t mention anything about performance, so the new Xbox One is all looks and no substance.

The second Xbox One unit (which I’m afraid to say would make it either an Xbox One.5 (or would that be One.Five?) or an Xbox One 2 (or would that be One.Two?)) will be a big step up from the current generation model by offering faster performance and beefier hardware. In fact, rumors from the gaming journalism twins of destruction are reporting that the 1.5 generational refresh will see the Xbox One.2.5 (or would that make it an Xbox 8?) powered up at 6 teraflops. Supposedly this will make this new Xbox (codenamed Xbox Scorpio) more powerful than the PS4.5K, which is rumored to be around 4.14 teraflops.

Some of these rumors claim that the Xbox Scorpio is being designed to facilitate virtual reality gaming, and that Microsoft may have struck a deal with Oculus. They’ll definitely need some seriously beefy hardware to accommodate the Oculus Rift, though. Rumors are also claiming that standard Xbox One games will work with the Scorpio and that Scorpio games will work with the Xbox One, so it’s not a complete generational leap over the current tech.

Supposedly the thinner, slimmer, trimmed down Xbox One will debut during E3. Some speculate that it will be more akin to the Apple TV or Amazon’s Fire, where the focus of the device will be on small scale apps from the Windows Store. Others believe that it will be the same ‘ole Xbox One just on a silicon Jenny Craig diet.

So where does that leave the so-called Xbox Scorpio? Well, supposedly that’s going to debut sometime in 2017. When it will be announced is anyone’s guess, but if it’s not officially unveiled at E3 this year, expect some big announcements during GamesCom in Cologne, Germany.

E3 kicks off on June 12th with the press conferences by EA and Bethesda, and will continue through the week with major bombs being unveiled throughout the first half of June.

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  • Mr.Towel

    And so the death of console gaming truly begins.

    By releasing another system they (Sony and Microsoft) are sacrificing stability for power, which will end in nightmares. For that surplus power won’t be enough to brute force everything like the PCs do, while at the same time, that new hardware will further increase development costs for developers, which will end in less performance for all of their builds will be less stables.

    The beauty of consoles is exactly how fixed they are, regardless if they’re powerful or not. NES, SNES, PS1, PS2 were definitely not the most powerful hardware available for their time that didn’t stop them to dominate the industry and certainly did not stop developers to create many incredible games. As much as raw power is a good thing to have, necessity is what drives creativity. Consoles are usually better for game development because their limitations will force creative engineering on the development which can later translate to design creativity. On a amorphous expandable platform the developer can just say “well, put more FLOPs into it” and that’s it, it’s crude and brute, that’s not to say there can’t be refined coding for PCs, what I’m saying is that the platform don’t necessarily guide developers onto it.

    If Sony and Microsoft are implementing non-fixed hardware for their console platforms, they are essentially selling prebuilt PCs, like those one you see on mainstream retail stores. But the difference being, console are crapppy PCs, they don’t work as PCs, by trying to amke them work as PC you’re making them compete with a PC, and between a real PC and faux look-a-like PC, people will obviously choose the first. It’s a losing battle.

    With that, the old battle of Hardware vs Software is settled. Software wins.

    • C G Saturation

      I miss the good old days.

      • Mr.Towel

        Same, man. Same.

        People would be very quick to dismiss this feeling as just nostalgia, but personally, I’m not seeing the generations that grew up with X360/PS3 remembering their days with much fondness…

        What was great about the 80s and 90s for game development is that the hardware was very constricting for game design, and so, developers could only afford to focus on the simple things that worked, that makes a good game. Not graphical fidelity, not politics, not marketing. Such simplicity forced developers to unconsciously search for the axioms of the media, the principles of good game design. Today, it seems this industry developed without ever understanding itself, without ever forming the bases of good gaming design. Maybe that’s why everyone seems so lost at it…

  • C G Saturation


    I still don’t see a point to higher fidelity. I’m fine with 1080p. Besides, there’s no point in being able to see finer detail when everything’s been going to shit.
    They need to make better stuff first. Then we’ll talk about fidelity after.

    • I noticed that, too.

      A lot of the recent AAA games are complete and utter crap. The one game I can’t wait to play when I get free time is Salt and Sanctuary… a 2D side-scroller.

      The industry has become a farce lately, and innovation and creativity is just being thrown clear out the window for a lot of titles. I do admit that games like I Am Setsuna still keep me interested in what the bigger publishers are doing.

      • Bitterbear

        I hate the art direction of I am Setsuna. They look like they’re recycling the assets from the Crystal Chronicles games.

    • Bitterbear

      Say that on a gaming forum and the serious gamers will crucify you for implying that 1080p is good enough.

      • C G Saturation

        People who care more about the resolution of the screen than the game itself should be labelled as “fidelites” or something.

        Maybe it’s just me, but a shit game could be 9999999p, and I still wouldn’t play it.

        • Bitterbear

          It’s usually the same crowd that demands more realistic games, but, in the end they just want the same games but with photorealistic visuals.

  • Gorgon

    Eh, even top of the line PCs are still struggling with rendering games at 4k resolutions at consistent 60fps, and it’s kinda too early to talk about proper vr just yet.I don’t see Xbox One and a Half or PS4K being worth it.