Negotiator VR: Hostage Rescue Themed VR game Starts Kickstarter Campaign

Negotiator VR actually looks like it has a pretty cool concept. While most Greenlight VR games just throw a simple concept out there where you pick up items or play around in a small sandbox area and explore, Negotiator VR places you in the middle of a terrorist plot, and you are the only one able to stop it.

Negotiator VR is developed by the team at 4PM Games, and seems to have a detailed story that sets up the entire game, which I think is brilliant because you become emotionally attached to the characters.

The story is all about redemption and saving people. You play as Jonathan Martell, a military hostage negotiator. After a mission in South America falls apart and a celebrity hostages is killed because of a mistake he made. As a result, Martell heads back to his home in London, but he is blacklisted and his family is hounded by the media for the failed hostage rescue.

negotiator 1

Martell, his sister and her son, are asked by a friend to come to South Asia to start a new life to escape their troubles, but they first must head to the London embassy to get their Visa before making the trip, and this seems to be where the game starts. While waiting in line for their Visa in the embassy building, several masked men with guns storm the building and take hostages, and Jonathan Martell is the only one with the skills to negotiate terms and try to save lives. But now, the risks are higher as the hostage situation is also a lot more personal since his family is involved. It isn’t clear yet if Martell and his family are taken hostage along with everyone else in the building, or if it is a Die Hard type of scenario where they are in the building but hidden from the terrorists. I guess we will have to wait and see.

Players will play as different characters to switch perspective to get a better view of the situation, with Jonathan Martell serving as the lead role. You will play as the Negotiator in one part and communicate with the police, hostages and the terrorists to try to keep everyone calm and in control, or you might have to play as a sniper in one scene to pick off enemies that threaten to take innocent lives. Players will have multiple choice options to make offers, reject demands, and attempt to keep control of the situation without everything falling apart.

The developers also say that your actions can and will have consequences depending on what you choose to say or do, comparing the story elements to game series made by Telltale Games, where characters can die based on the player’s choices but the story will continue on regardless of the outcome. To make matters more intense, events will be time sensitive, so you will need to think fast and choose wisely while under pressure. The developers released a prototype gameplay video that I linked down below so you can see a few key features from Negotiator VR.

Negotiator VR has started a Kickstarter Campaign for funding and is looking to achieve at least $22,027 for their funding goal. Developers 4PM Games has also started a Steam Greenlight page.

The Kickstarter page also has a link to a Prototype build to test and play the game, but it will Require a VR headset that runs Oculus DK2. Furthermore, you can follow the provided link to 4PM Games official website for additional details.

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