Nvidia GTX 1080 Features 9 Tflops, VRWorks For $599

Nvidia officially announced the GTX 1080, featuring a lot of the standard and expected features from past generation Nvidia cards, but also with a series of brand new upgrades as well, including outputting at half the wattage of a Titan X but at much higher performance gains.

Over on the official Geforce website they run through a long list of features that will be made readily available with and for the GTX 1080 starting May 27th with the card launches for $599.99.

Some of the basic specs includes performance output at 9 teraflops, utilizing 8GB of GDDR5X VRAM – which is the equivalent of both the shared GPU and system RAM of the Xbox One and PS4 – as well as G-Sync and the new Ansel real-time photography features, all for $599.99.

The Ansel photography will allow gamers and photo aficionados to capture images in-game at 32-times the size of the standard computer display, as well as utilize in-engine free cam tools to capture 360 images.

The Ansel photography also ties in with the new immersive VRWorks API that will supposedly be designed to help developers leverage the hardware to make the best use of VR possible through Nvidia’s Pascal GPU technology. All the jargon means very little until you see the features in action of course, so Nvidia let loose a video where you can check out the VRWorks at playin a funhouse demo.

If GameWorks was anything to go by and the absolute clusterfunk they created with games like The Witcher 3 and Batman: Arkham Knight, I am absolutely not thrilled nor excited about the possible API implementatino of VRWorks in AAA titles.

Anyway, I do have to admit that the card looks uber-sexy. That circular vent that looks like it comes off the block of a super-charged V8 is pure bliss.


The GTX 1080 will not be launching alone, though.

According to the post, gamers will also be able to pick up the lesser iteration of the card, the GeForce GTX 1070, for only $379.99 starting June 10th. It still features 8GB of GDDR5 VRAM, but the teraflops are only a measly 6.5. Still, for $379 that’s not too bad. Plus you could always pick up the pleb version of the 1070 and then wait a while and then get a second one and then pair those two bad babies together to make some hot GPU SLI sex and pump your games out at 4K resolution and 60fps like it was nobody’s gosh darn freaking business.


Now if you really want to see the GTX 1080 in action, there is some potato quality footage available of DOOM running on the 1080 with Vulkan technology. YouTuber Hardwareinfo Korte Videos posted up the near four minute video, showcasing off-screen footage so dark and blurry that at times you might be thinking you snuck into a grindhouse theater. Even still, the video showcases a couple of new enemies from DOOM, along with showcasing how the game doesn’t drop frames or stutter running on Nvidia’s latest card. It’s impressive stuff.

I have to give props to Nvidia for stepping up their GPU game, they seem to looking to push boundaries where other hardware sectors have pretty much tossed up their hands and gone to sit in a corner.

AMD really needs to get back in the game with a GPU and CPU combo that will make Nvidia and Intel sweat, because right now they just don’t seem to be in the game the way they used to be. And hopefully Intel will really rock out with a chip that takes things to the next level. Although, given the fact that a lot of games have stalled when it comes to graphics innovation, we probably won’t see a real push forward in hardware until we get another Crysis-style game where gamers will fumbling over their own feet to upgrade their hardware to play the latest and greatest title.

Anyway, you can learn more about the GTX 1080 and GTX 1070 by hitting up the official Nvidia website.


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