Overwatch Short Film ‘Hero’ Takes A Page Out Of The Punisher

Blizzard released the latest short film for Overwatch, this time featuring the aging but still very dangerous Soldier 76. The short film starts off with the big round Pixar eyes and seemingly innocuous tale of a young girl coming of age, but then it takes a 1980s action movie twist and eventually morphs into The Punisher. Dolph Lundgren would be proud.

PCGamesN spotted the latest short film and you can check it out below, as it clocks in at just over six minutes.

The trailer starts with a young girl tasked with heading to the store to pick up some flour for her mother. Things take a nasty turn when she runs into a gang beating up on a robot, because in the world of Overwatch being a robot is equivalent to being gay in Iran, a woman in Saudi Arabia, or a straight white guy in San Francisco.

After the thugs snatch the young girl’s purse, she doesn’t resolve to let the guys get away with it. She puts a little bit of her parkous skills to use and chases down the hooligans that leads to a dark alley. Before she can confront the the purse-snatchers, the gangsters get beat down Batman-style. After using a bit of stealth to deal with a few of the thugs, Soldier 76 comes out of the shadows like beta male games journalists stepping out of the corner of their mother’s basements. He proceeds to go full Punisher on the bad guys, shooting and blowing them up without remorse.

Before Soldier 76 can notch up the short film to an ‘M’ rating, the little girl’s peril brings out the humanity in him, and the film goes back to being a Pixar quality flick as the old man saves the girl from a grenade while the bad guys make a dastardly escape.

The clip ends with Soldier 76 making sure the girl returns home safely from the rooftops while the girl can be overheard telling her mother about her exploits in the alleyway.

Supposedly a new character named Sombra was supposed to be teased in the clip but I certainly didn’t see it. Sombra is rumored to be a new support sniper, but we won’t know for sure until Blizzard makes the announcement official.

Overwatch will drop digitally and at retail outlets starting May 24th for the Xbox One, PS4 and PC. Need more info? Hit up the game’s official website.


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