Overwatch’s Tracer Becomes Overnight Sensation On Pornhub

After her butt attempted to break the internet, Tracer is back in the news for even more sex-related exploits, and this time it’s based on stats compiled by Pornhub following the recent release of Overwatch’s open beta client.

Venturebeat posted up some graphs that Pornhub released, indicating that there was a 817% search increase for Overwatch that occurred on May 5th when Blizzard’s team-based shooter entered into open beta. You can check out the graph below from Pornhub’s safe for work Insight page.

So apparently, a bunch of people downloaded the beta, loaded it up, got a face full of Tracer’s behind after playing the game, and then decided to go to Pornhub to see what it looks like without the future-approved yoga pants.

As much as that might seem like a joke… I don’t think it actually is. You see, a large portion of the searches for Overwatch Source Filmmaker porn on Pornhub was literally for Tracer.

Modders did their duty in exposing that booty, and gamers went flocking to Pornhub to see it in action.

As you can see from the stats above, a lot of people want to see Tracer in the buff as well as frolicking around with a banana between her knees, which appeared to be the third most searched item on Pornhub in relation to Overwatch.

I’m sure plenty of you are wondering how the heck did modders get a hold of Tracer, Widowmaker and Mercy to make SFM porn if the game isn’t even out yet?

Oh ye of little knowledge in the arts of Faptitution.

Back when Blizzard held the original closed beta on PC, modders were already hard at work at ripping the assets from the CBT. Modders like Lenoax worked with rippers like Metsfm who extracted the model data from the CBT. Lenoax and like-minded modders proceeded to rig and release the models in object formats that work with the Source Filmmaker.

In fact, we reported on when the Overwatch models became available on Garry’s Mod, enabling gamers to recreate Overwatch or use the models in SFM to their heart’s content. And use them in SFM the modders did do. It didn’t take long before characters like Tracer and Widowmaker were stripped down naked and posted across any site hosting Rule34 content.

You still have time to download the free Overwatch beta right now on PC, PS4 or Xbox One. The 11GB client will be available up until May 9th, at which point the beta will close up shop. You can learn more about the beta ahead of the game’s May 24th release by visiting the official Overwatch website.

Alternatively, you can get your hands on the SFM-ready models of Tracer or Widowmaker by hitting up the Steam Workshop.

Thanks for the news tip KIA.

(Main image courtesy of Dilly Dong)

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