Rainbow Six Siege Introduces New Map And Characters In Operation Dust Line

Ubisoft released the latest trailer for Rainbow Six Siege’s DLC, Operation Dust Line,  which shows both operators Valkyrie and Blackbeard while also teasing the new map set in the Middle East — Border Control.

Although I’m not that fond of DLC, and enjoy games that include everything that’s intended to be in the game on launch, there are a few exceptions when it comes to DLC that’s done right. Though, I’m not that psyched about this particular DLC, it does add a few things to mix up the tight battles of Rainbow Six Siege’s “cops vs robbers” theme.

First up, we get the Pokemon trainer Valkyrie who utilizes advanced technology to watch her foes from afar, and blow them up from a significant distance. Almost similar to the GSG9’s I.Q., it seems that Valkyrie is good for spotting and taking enemies out with an explosive surprise.

The next operator looks like he would fit in well on Duck Dynasty, which also enhances his name and appearance of having a “Black Beard.” The operator seems to be like Blitz, except with a car’s bullet-proof wind-shield that’s attached to the top portion of his assault rifle. I’m sure he’s used to break in and stir up some confusion among tangos, while absorbing lethal damage for his teammates.

You can see the two shine where they perform the best in the trailer below, which also provides a nice look at the new stage.

As noted in the description of the video, players who purchased the Season Pass will get the above for free and early, while those who didn’t will have to obtain them with in-game credits after May 18th, which comes in as free DLC.

“The new free Border map is available instantly with the Operation Dust Line update, along with new weapon skins, advanced customization options, the ability to change your loadout between round, and more improvements.”


“The 2 new operators are available May 11 for Season Pass owners and are made widely available with renown or Rainbow Six Credits on May 18.”

I’m sure there will be some exploits and glitches found in the new map, as well with the new characters when they drop on release, which will be patched soon afterwards and will probably result in players getting banned for doing said glitches. However, I don’t think that they will beat out the Division’s glitches.

With that said, Rainbow Six Siege is out now for PC, PS4 and Xbox One. Black Beard, Valkyrie, the new weapons and the stage Border Control will be available in the Operation Dust Line DLC on May 18th.