Review Report: Postal Redux Is A Better Murder Simulator Than Hatred

Destructive Creations’ Hatred kicked the hornet’s nest last year when it stirred the kind of controversy from the media one would have expected from the Gore/Tipper era of video game censorship, or the dreaded age of Jack Thompson. However, as an actual game Hatred was way more tame than it had any right to be and was a rather refrained murder simulator. Well, the original mass murder simulator from 1997 has come back in the form of an HD remastered edition called Postal Redux, and according to gamers it has reclaimed the crown as being a much better murder simulator than Hatred.

The 1990s was defined by lots of different games, and was flush with titles that pushed all sorts of buttons (and boundaries) and the original isometric shooter, Postal, was definitely one of them. When it first released it didn’t quite create the media buzz for being the baddest on the block – but it did get its fair share of digs – because it was a stiff time for competition in the mature subject matter category.

With Resident Evil stealing headlines on PC and PSX, games like Messiah, Phantasmagoria and S.I.N making parent groups sweat over sex appeal, Mortal Kombat, DOOM and RoboCop Vs Terminator giving the ESRB a reason to exist, and Thrill Kill pushing the limits of the AO rating, it was a time where developers seemed to be actively vying for attention by breaking barriers on what could be deemed as acceptable content.

Postal was just one of the flock way back then, even with the imagery of trying to burn a playground full of school kids to the ground – something that could never fly in today’s censor-happy society – it only managed to create a cult following but didn’t quite catch the ire of massive public backlash.

Well, given the recent rise of censorship in gaming, Running With Scissors has made a return to form with Postal Redux, and gamers are loving it as the perfect mass murder simulator.

You can see what the game looks like with the game running at 60 frames per second in the gameplay clip below from Running With Scissors’ YouTube channel.

The Postal Redux features 17 levels, an all new Rampage mode (as showcased in the video above), all new enemy AI to fight off with improved pathfinding and tactical awareness, and 10 weapons that includes the all new revolver.

Bad Luck Bootsy loved the enemy variety and the brand new revolver, writing…

“[…] the control is FAR better than what the original POSTAL had. This time around, I was able to ambush and bomb rush the enemies that are out for my blood. With the new controls, I was able to dodge missles and other projectiles more easily than in the original game.


“[…] I also enjoyed the inclusion of the revolver, as it allowed me to kill most enemies with one hit. Additionally, the new Rampage mode is tons of fun, as I found it thrilling to gun down as many people as I could in the area around me.”

Bootsy did have some criticisms for the game, namely with the lack of exposition on The Dude’s motivations for his killing spree, along with some of the NPCs clipping through walls when they died. He also noted that some of the NPCs wouldn’t activate and give chase to the player until they were shot or they were within the screen space.

Postal Redux

BoomerNoob also praised the release of the game, citing that it was a bummer that four of the levels from the “Special Delivery” pack didn’t make it in and the multiplayer was missing, but the new executions for each of the weapons was welcome along with the improved controls…

“[…] the best thing about Postal Redux are the controls. The game feels great now and killing people is more fun than ever. You can also change weapons with the mouse wheel now.


“The graphics still have the same style of the original, the models have been updated and look a lot better than before. Postal Dude got some new animations and can execute with every weapon now. Crushing skulls with the rocket launcher or burning half dead people with a flamethrower. Everything is possible.”

Armesi provides the review that directly compares Postal Redux to Hatred, explaining that the game does a “near perfect job” on what it aims to achieve, writing…

“While the gameplay never really evolves past just shooting dudes, different weapons and level layouts keep the experience interesting.”


“However even though the game is near perfect, there are still flaws. The screen is a bit too small and there’s no way to look around like in for example: Hotline Miami, so there will be times where the enemy gets some free hits on you from off-screen.”


“But all that aside Postal Redux is a fantastic game and I highly recommend it to anyone who thinks they would like some old fashioned mass murder.


“And ♥♥♥♥, it’s still better than Hatred.”

Postal Redux

Artyom mirrored the comments about Hatred while also managing to make a technicolor joke in the process…

“Its kind of like Hatred, but more fun and not made in 1945 when technicolor wasn’t invented. But overall AMAZING remaster. 10/10”

To round out the digs at Hatred, LudiCruz completes a trifecta of criticism against Destructive Creations’ title, writing…

“A damn good remake of the original controversial Postal, the controls in 1997 Postal have aged pretty terribly in my opinion and that has been completely fixed in Redux. The revamped graphics are also nice.


“If I were you, I’d pick this over Hatred. “

ExiledAlchemist notes that the game is rather short at only two hours, but it offers tons of replay value thanks to the new Rampage mode and the impending release of the multiplayer…

“Just like the original the main game is short at about 2 hours on a full clear of all levels. Don’t let that detour you from the game because the new Rampage Mode extends the games life. In Rampage Mode you have to clear the map and try to rack up a high score. You will get a number of weapons to use and many ways to complete a full clear of the map. Enemies are more challenging in Rampage Mode adding a level of challenge and fun to the game. It has been stated by the devs that more free content is on the way. Special Delivery and Multiplayer is planned and will be released once it’s ready.”

Despite the high praise, there are a few members of the consumer purchasing community who felt that Postal Redux was boring and that they just didn’t enjoy killing people after a level or two. One person noted that it was “not as good as Hatred”, but didn’t offer any explanations on what led them to that conclusion. Only 5% of the 107 people who read that review found it helpful.

Postal Redux is available right now for $14.99 on the Steam store. The game has a 10% discount running for the first week of availability.


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