Review Report: Smashing The Battle’s Generic Gameplay Is Elevated By Big Boobs

A game where unlocking fan art is part of the appeal for replaying the game, Studio HG’s Smashing The Battle is a hard-hitting, isometric, hack-and-slash game that has found a dedicated audience over on Steam thanks to its solid gameplay and strikingly fan-service heavy vixens.

Smashing The Battle sees players being able to choose between two heroines with some customizable gear. Players will be able to experience two distinct storylines revolving around the heroines investing a multiplex construction site where the robots have gone haywire and have turned deadly. It’s up to players to battle through the robots and find out what’s going on.

Each heroine has her own storyline and fighting abilities, and it’ll be up to players to master them both. You can see what the gameplay is like with the trailer below.

The user reviews for the game have been fairly positive, despite the fact that the content in the game is rather limited. You can unlock up to eight different costumes for each character, but the skins you unlock won’t change the actual in-game stats. There are no skill trees and the moveset is limited to one special combo, a rolling evade, two unique attacks, and three basic skills. Mixing and matching the attacks will enable players to blast through the opposition and conquer the levels.

In completing the main playthrough the second character’s story opens up and in replaying and completing the game, additional fan art can be unlocked.

Smashing The Battle

Wagstaff explained that the big boobs and generically fun gameplay kept him entertained, and the pursuit of unlocking the ecchi-style fan art kept him coming back for more…

“I mostly just bought this game because of the hot anime girls but wow what a good 3D beatem up. I skipped pretty much the whole story but the game play is vary fun smash the hell out of everything. Tons of collecting to do from outfits to fan art and its a lot of fun collecting everything. My only problem with the game is all the levels look the same but its so fun smashing all the robots ill look past it. “

Dhanauranji also agreed that the “scantily-clad women” and the fights with the giant robots was enough to win him over, writing…

“A fantastic beat ’em up with hordes of robotic monsters, scantily-clad women, great gameplay and great art (both official and fan sourced). And all that for this price? Yes, please! Quite worth it! Simplistic on its premise, yet fun and refreshing in execution. “

Smashing The Battle

Durask appreciated the simple mechanics with some complex learning curves presented in Smashing The Battle, writing…

“Great example of a simple game done right. Ramps up difficulty nicely, Limited number of enemies but they become more aggressive and patterns of attack become more complex. And I like fanservice-y chacters. So sue me.”

Choco Hoovy was somewhat reticent to fully praise the game, but conceded that the big boobs are there for those who like it, but the gameplay itself can be rather shallow…

“Well if there’s one thing for sure with smashing the battle it’s that you get what’s on the box, a 3d hack and slash game where you fight robots and, oh, also anime girls with big ♥♥♥♥.


“I do recommend this game but warn that while I find the game to be an enjoyable hacky slashy game, prepare to do alot of the same,”

Lavian also shared some additional criticisms of the game, noting that the boss fights were severely lacking, writing…

“That said, the place where the game falters is in boss design. Bosses are all just bigger versions of the normal enemies with a big radial AoE to keep you on your toes. They’re not too hard to kill honestly, and they don’t require you to change up your tactics much beyond watching out for the big purple circle AoE telegraph. The bosses are really pretty much as generic as the normal enemies, to the point that they’re even reused (a lot). This means that between the mass of normal enemies and lack of very interesting boss design, the game is pretty repetitive.”

Smashing The Battle

Epic Butt couldn’t get past the main menu, with the big titty anime girls triggering him into thinking that the game must be garbage if the designer has big boobs bouncing on the main menu, writing…

“To be honest, i wanted to quit the game after seeing main menu – big breasted woman (main protagonist) jumping in the background. I’m sorry but WHAT IS WRONG WITH CREATORS OF THIS GAME?! And by this i didnt mean like boobies are bad or sth, but how poor the game has to be to put boobs from the very begging of the game to not lose interest of player? Because to be fair, design of this game bought me, but what i saw after playing the game makes me never trust games from green light ever again.”

AlphaBunny shared a similar view but was a little less harsh on the game, explaining that the generic gameplay and repetitive level designs put him to sleep, writing…

“I enjoyed the title screen music for about 3 minutes, played story mode for 10 levels, then took a nap. i continued playing a few hours after i woke up and barely made it through 5 more levels before wanting a refund. i’ve heard that this is a port of a mobile game, so if it goes on sale for $5, ill think about it. definitely not worth $12.


“And I’m serious about the fan art. if you’re the kind of person that can get off to poorly animated 3d hentai, go for it. if not, click that “Next in Queue” button now.”

There’s an hour and 30 minute playthrough of the game from TBTGang where you can get an idea of what the gameplay looks like in action.

Zoron246 seems to sum up the game and sentiments of most players, by explaining that the game can be grindy and repetitive but it achieves the job it sets out to do as an indie dev project for only $11.99…

“A simple but very entertaining game. Full of breaking things, chicks, and a scifi theme. For a one man game dev its extremely well made considering most indie devs with large teams pull a real bs move and take off with what they make and leave a half finished buggy mess. A tad bit grindy but what you can get for the effort is well worth it.”

If you’re into fan-service games where the women can kick butt, take names and jiggle all the way to the bank while doing it, then Smashing The Battle is your game. Additionally, you’ll have to put up with grindy, repetitive levels and by completing those levels your reward will be fan-service heavy fan art featuring the buxom beauties from the game.

You can learn more about Smashing The Battle by checking out the Steam store page where it’s available for $11.99.


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