Rolling Stone Launching Glixel Gaming News Site In October

If the fake Rolling Stone UVA story is anything to go by, they’re going to have a field day making up false news in the world of interactive entertainment when their pet project called Glixel launches in October.

According to Rolling Stone will be launching their own website this fall, and they’ve already started with a weekly newsletter.

From pathetic self-proclaimed journalists who can’t even play video games like the ones from Polygon, to the equally pathetic agitators like GamesIndustry’s own Rob Fahey who fabricates controversy out of thin air, Glixel will fit right in with the horde of misinformative, anti-gaming journalists that make up for the games media culture at the moment if video game hate-bait will be their bread and butter.

If Gus Wenner, the son of Rolling Stone co-founder Jann Wenner, plans on following in the footsteps of Rolling Stone by producing content formed from fake news – like the UVA rape story – in order to damage careers or make gaming out to be more of a “sexist” and “misogynistic” boogeyman than Kotaku, Polygon, VG 24/7, and others have done in spades, then he’s likely going to have Glixel at the top of the social media food chain being talked about quite often (but obviously not in a good way).

According to an article on the New York Times, Gus Wenner states that gaming felt like the right area to explore and expand their operations in…

“Gaming just felt like an area where there was a great audience opportunity, a great revenue opportunity and a major void that we could fill with capabilities we had in-house,


“We want to make it very much about the people — not just the people that make games, but the people that play them,”

Polygon once said the same thing so many years ago when they were pegged to “save gaming journalism”. But all that ended up happening was that they joined the Game Journo Pros cabal and worked to subvert the interests of gamers by trying to inject Cultural Marxism into their articles and force-feed their readers all sorts of politically oriented nonsense aimed at damaging the overall value of the gaming industry.

This was further exposed of course with the leaks of the e-mails from the Game Journos Pro list, as reported by Breitbart — since most of the gaming media weren’t going to report on the very clandestine subversion antics they were up to in their private mailing list.

Glixel will be headed up by long-time gaming veteran John Davison, who will be the site’s general manager. He’s had 30 years of experience working at EGM, GameSpot, GamePro and OPM, to name but a few. The site will feature interviews, reviews, articles and news stories centered around timely events happening within the game industry.

If the interview they recently posted centered around “sexism in games” is anything to go by, expect an ample supply of gender political flamebait and anti-gaming sentiments from the outlet.

Glixel will launch this October.


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