Second Ghostbusters Trailer Still Can’t Win Over Fans
(Last Updated On: May 18, 2016)

Sony is trying their hand at promoting the Ghostbusters movie yet again with a second trailer. This time focusing more on the ghosts and trying to squeeze in a few laughs at the expense of racial and gender politics, but movie goers and fans of the original Ghostbusters just aren’t having any of it.

The latest trailer has gone live with two minutes of new footage and it still wasn’t enough to get the Paul Feig flick out of the doghouse. You can check it out below.

Compared to the first trailer the second one is actually a lot better, but I’m still getting a lot of vibes of that Ryan Reynolds stinker R.I.P.D.

Despite only being online for just a day, most of the YouTube traveling audience were having none of it, downvoting the movie like the ghosts of Siskel and Ebert trapped in a theater only playing Paulie Shore films. Already the downvotes on the Comic Book upload of the trailer are showing signs of mirroring the first trailer.

Sony must be feeling the burn. Even all the white-knighting from the Twitterati and the SocJus-ran media can’t save them from the seemingly “unwashed” masses from waking up and realizing they just don’t want Hollywood’s political agenda shoved so far down their throat that their turds look like Ben Kuchera’s face.

If you think that the second trailer is just a one-off and that a bunch of the people who saw the Comic Book upload of the trailer were just angry YouTubers with pitchforks and torches passing by and angrily pressing the downvote button, that wasn’t and isn’t the case. If you mosey on over to Movieclips Trailers you’ll see that the upload of the second Ghostbusters trailer is also getting hammered worse than Donald Trump’s hair in a Washington Post editorial.

Much like playing Call of Duty, you’ll find the same thing across all the other channels hosting the second trailer for Sony and Paul Feig’s Ghostbusters. Check out the ratings on Fresh Movie Trailers.

I wouldn’t be surprised if Sony started going around pulling the trailers as if they were trying to remove nude photos from the internet like some jock who accidentally sends photos of his shriveled schlong to everyone in school.

The reaction, however, is hilarious. It’s almost as if getting angry at your potential customers and blaming them for not liking someone’s phallic political view being forcibly lobbed into the mouth’s of their mind will eventually piss people off. If you don’t know what I’m talking about, Feig, the director of the upcoming Ghostbusters flick, stated the following [via]…

“Geek culture is home to some of the biggest a–holes I’ve ever met in my life…Especially after being attacked by them for months because of this ‘Ghostbusters’ project.”

Ghostbusters 2016 - Image10

I guess if Feig doesn’t want geeks to see the movie, it won’t be hard keeping them out of the theaters based on the feedback that’s been generated online from the average Joe and Jane who also seem to be fed up with being told what they can and cannot enjoy and how they’re supposed to enjoy it.

In fact, Social Justice Warriors have gone after and attacked the Angry Video Game Nerd, James Rolfe, because he made a video stating that he refused to review the Ghostbusters reboot.

Most levelheaded people thought that the video was fairly tame and got the point across rather well. However… in response to the video, Rolfe received some very… colorful responses from a certain group who will vilify anyone talking bad about the upcoming Ghostbusters reboot.



There’s a bizarre white knight culture desperately intent on snuffing out the opinion that maybe people don’t like the upcoming reboot of Ghostbusters, and if they do happen to have the opinion that they don’t like it then obviously they must be a misogynist or some sort of sexist troll, as highlighted in an article by FiveThirtyEight.

What a lot of these “journalists”, culture critics, and armchair wordsmith mercenaries fail to realize is that people don’t like what they don’t like. In fact, more people dislike Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare than Ghostbusters. The only difference is that Activision isn’t hiding behind claims of misogyny, misandry, racism or sexism as some sort of excuse as to why people don’t like it. Sometimes you just have to accept the fact that forcing an issue is only going to result in more push-back.

Feig and Sony constantly kicking the hornet’s nest by antagonizing the same geek culture that makes up the majority of the demographic who would have seen Ghostbusters is only going to come back to bite them hard on the rear end when July 15th rolls around and the crippled buzz around the movie implodes as it hobbles into theaters.

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  • A lot of people I know (online and in real life) has given this the benefit of the doubt and are willing to give it a chance. Which is fair enough.

    But after it was known that Paul Feig had told people to donate to Feminist Frequency and suck up to Anita Sarkeesian, it surely confirmed that there’s definitely a shitty SJW-feminist political agenda going on with this movie, 100%.

    Nevertheless, some of them will still go and watch it despite knowing this, which is fair enough. It’s their money and choice after all.

    The morons who are whining of sexism are extremely hypocritical though, as a lot of them say that the movie is aimed at women, such as the title used in the FiveThirtyEight article. In their view, movies aimed at women is perfectly okay, but movies aimed at men is completely “sexist”. Such double standards from these degenerates as usual.

    And the ‘GIRL POWER’ photo of the cast and staff is absolutely cringe-worthy. Apparently it’s “progressive” to completely discriminate against men and exclude men.

    This movie’s political message needs to be kicked in the teeth and burned down to the ground. Don’t give it an inch.

  • giygas

    One of the Salon writers was trying so hard to take a swipe at Rolfe that he exposed himself as a misogynist (by the feminazi’s own retarded definition). He protected his twitter account after getting called out on it.

    Screenshot of the circlejerk on twitter, for context.

    • The general impression from most beta male SJWs is that they actually real real misogynists posing as feminists because they hate women for not liking or being attracted to them.

      • giygas

        They do tend to project their own insecurities, after all.

      • C G Saturation

        As I always say, guys who feel women need to be stood up for are the ones who believe women are below them.

        Guys who treat women as they treat men don’t go out of their way to stand up for women. And women HATE that.

    • C G Saturation

      Really hate the Salon. Propagandist scum. Always making up shit.
      If lying suddenly became prohibited (not possible in our twisted reality), most of the internet’s most popular sites would probably die.

    • MusouTensei

      And his twitter is private, can’t say if that was always the case or just now though.

  • Hawk Hopper

    For all the feminist and SJW bitching, they haven’t put a dent in the likes or views for Rolfe’s very calm video!

  • LurkerJK

    lol, James Rolfe couldnt be any more calm and level headed in that video, how the heck can you get offended by that, ive never seen him so mellow

  • C G Saturation

    Yeah, I heard SJWs are harassing the Angry Video Game Nerd over that fugly “reboot”. Welcome to modern Western culture, where you must like what SJWs like, or ELSE.

    A friend who visits GAF said something about an Angry Video Game Nerd thread there that made him believe that Uncharted 4 has a veiled reference to Gamergate failing to respect people regardless of their gender or race. I keep telling him GAF is full of shit and has a bad reputation, but he really likes going there for some bizarre reason.

    • Mr.Towel

      I think the fascination with GAF is something to do with the “insider circle” atmosphere they have around there. They do have a lot of closeted devs and producing/marketing people, it’s undeniable, it’s the reason why even Microsoft or Sony will sometimes try to hear what GAF community has to say. For a mere mortal gamer, to be there is like being inside a pantheon of gods, it’s their personal sneak peak to the backstage of game industry. It makes them feel special and important.

      Unfortunately, it usually takes them a lot of time to realize that the forum is run by a very confused and unethical man, that the devs/producers/marketing people that go there are usually the ones who tend to be more vocal about anything (aka, people with an axe to grind). The devs who really do the meat of the work inside this industry rarely speak up, exactly because they are more interested in working than procrastinating in forums or wasting their time on internet discussions, very rarely you see these people speaking at public spaces, and they’re mostly spread around in different places.

      There are good people on GAF but they’re mostly “outsiders” to GAF’s core circle.

      There is also lot of people who are attracted to GAF because of their seemly good behavior towards oriental culture… till something more ecchi is thrown around, then GAF shows it real face. It when something like that does happen that people start to realize that GAF might not be so great after all.

      Personally, the only time I lurk around GAF is when something big explodes in this industry, then I go there just to scan what is the opinion of the most vocal sect of the insiders, then you can usually predict how many big companies will react. But actually… that strategy is not working well anymore, at least not for me. It appears the people from GAF are losing power of influence inside the industry… Some years ago, their reaction would be set on stone and companies would follow… now there is a lot of discrepancies between GAF and the big AAAs… Maybe that’s a silent conquer of gamergate and the revolt against culture critics. That’s a good thing. GAF is not the overlord they once were. It’s just a shitty echochamber.

      • C G Saturation

        Yeah, I know. I think they intentionally attract people there in order to influence their thinking. Or perhaps it got hijacked at some point, although I doubt that because the guy who runs it has always been a huge piece of shit.