Seduce Me 2: The Demon War Brings Sultry Demon Dudes To Steam

The Otome visual novel, Seduce Me 2: The Demon War, sees a young woman trapped in the perils of a war between demons, and her lover amongst them.

The game/visual novel recently launched on Steam by creator Michaela Laws. It’s rated ‘M’ for Mature and contains fantasy violence, sexual themes, suggestive themes, language, alcoholic references, crude humor and mature humor. In other words, this ain’t your daddy’s visual novel… or eh… your mother’s romance novel.

Seduce Me 2 is designed to give girls a bit of a romantic jolt from dangerous but surprisingly sensitive Incubi. In the original game players had the option of romancing one of the five brothers, and in the sequel it’s about the hardships of trying to maintain that love amidst the dangers of war against the evil demon lord.

There’s a trailer for the game that you can check out below.

Instead of going through with the marriage, players will be faced with all sorts of new challenges and decisions to be made as the rebellion rises up against the Demon Lord. Will players choose to assist Diana? Will the main character’s lover die? Will the guys be able to keep their shirts on? All of these questions can only be answered by playing Seduce Me 2.

The visual novel reminds me of a hand-drawn CW show come to life.

However, the few reviews that have appeared for the game are all positive, as of the writing of this article. They note that the voice acting is better this time around, the story is more compelling and they like the hot dudes and demon ladies.

So if you like hot dudes and demon ladies… you can check out Seduce Me 2. Someone needs to get a hold of Gaben’s Steam account handle and see if it’s in his profile, wouldn’t be something if the leader of the PCMR was into demon dudes? That could explain why we haven’t received Half-Life 3 yet… Gaben wanted to see him some shirtless demon dudes.

Anyway, Seduce Me 2: The Demon War is available right now for $9.99. You can pick up a digital copy right now from the Steam store.


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