Shadow Of The Beast Complete Gameplay Walkthrough

One of the many games that came out on the week of May 15th was the PS4 exclusive from Heavy Spectrum, Shadow of the Beast. This remake takes the 2D side-scroller from the old Amiga and updates it for today’s gamer with violent visuals and gory combat. For gamers looking for a complete gameplay walkthrough of Shadow of the Beast with collectibles and orbs talismans captured, there’s a guide for that.

Youtuber BeardBear does a snazzy 100% walkthrough guide for Shadow of the Beast, offering gamers a seven video playlist that spans just a couple of hours. You can check it out below.

While I may have hated the original Shadow of the Beast on the Amiga and Sega Genesis, I did adore the music. Some of the songs remade on OCRemix are pure bliss. It’s great to hear that the same music from the original game makes a return in this remake. The first five minutes give you a perfect idea of what to expect from the soundtrack, and the soundtrack does not disappoint.

Anyway, running under trees protects Aarbron (the Beast) from incurring damage from raining arrows. Basic attacks can be executed with the Square button. The R1 button, or right bumper, can be used to block incoming attacks. Triangle allows you to stun enemies and can be used in combination with the basic attacks to create new chain combo attacks.

If your rage meter is full, you can start the Rage Chain by pressing R1 and L1 together. These will increase your attack strength and your score multiplier. Tapping the corresponding button when prompted to will continue the rage combo for up to as many times as you can maintain the timing of the combos.

If you want some extra score, after exiting the temple and trekking through the forest back to where the evil warlock has taken the baby, kill the minions that he spawns with his blood and then proceed to head all the way back to the temple to kill more human soldiers and skyrocket your score, especially when used with the Rage Chain.

The early parts of the game are quite straightforward, where you simply chase down the warlock and kill everything in your path.

Eventually you’ll come upon your first boss, Dorog. Be sure to dodge-roll under his jump attack and block his charge attack. When you roll under his jump attack you can get in a few hits on his back. Rinse and repeat this until Dorog is killed.

The next level sees the beast entering into the cursed tree after it opens up from Dorog’s blood.

Shadow of the Beast - Image20

Inside the tree Aarbron will fight some fly creatures before descending down the platform into a pit. When the walkthrough begins to retract, simply hop and cling onto the wall, wait for it to go all the way in and then slide down the wall until you get to a platform.

The video playlist will guide you through where to get all of the collectibles and how to avoid certain death when traversing through the environment.

While moving through the underground caves and you come across the area with a giant portal in the background, in order to activate the hidden area with the seal on it, first you’ll need to break the seal in the corner to the far right of the portal. Then you’ll find a switch just a level below; flip the switch to open up the hidden passage under the second seal on the floor, which is a level below the computer console. Grab the goods in the secret area and head back up. You’ll find that on the far left side of the screen is another switch; flip it and you will be able to activate the portal that will lead you to the next segment.

In the area where you activate the switch and a timer begins to countdown, you’ll need to head to the portal to the far right and then proceed further right in order to progress before the timer reaches zero.

After progressing further and dealing with a few more portals, eventually Aarbron will face off against the Dryad Queen. This will take place on two different planes, requiring you to use the teleporters to go back and forth to attack the Dryad Queen.

The next stage is rather short, just a quick chase through the Swamp of Decay where Aarbron finally gets some much sought after justice before following the guidance of the amulet to the arid desert.

For the fight with Ifrit, simply dodge out of the way of his swipes and then counter-attack his punches until you can run up his fist and stab in the brain. Ifrit isn’t very difficult to fight at all if you counter his punches and dodge his swipe attacks.

On the next stage at the very start, instead of using the key on the door, climb up the door to the second level and head into the foundry where you can get an upgrade for Aarbron’s fists, allowing him to literally glow in the dark. Head back down to the front gate to enter inside.

As you make your way through the castle, battling the forces within, you’ll be able to encounter a secret encounter if you follow part 5 of the video playlist at the 10 minute mark, which will show you how to get the secret encounter.

After getting the arm cannon, the next segment involves leading wasps to various hives that light up and open up the doors. The main objective is to eventually lead some of the wasps all the way back to an earlier segment to open a locked gate. The video shows you how to accomplish this rather tedious task by getting the wasps to follow Aarbron all the way back through the gate in the floor and to the floor just below where there is a hive attached to a gate.

Shadow of the Beast - Image24

There is a rather taxing environmental platform puzzle involving lighting up the wall in order to access the next area, along with a timer based challenge later on where you’ll need to get the light-up wasp to a hive in under 40 seconds. It’s best to first scout the area so you’ll know where to go before activating the switch.

After eventually getting through the light puzzles and battle encounters, the final boss of the level will be the Hydrath. It’s a three-headed beast that shoots fire from its head. You’ll need to activate the switch to cause the platforms to activate. Use the platforms to hide under while using the blaster cannon to fire at the Hydrath. Rinse and repeat until the boss dies; press Square on the decapitated heads to finish them off for good.

After the Hydrath is killed the blood will flow into a circle and make the Ring of Power from The Lord of the Rings. After a short cinematic players will enter into the next stage. Examine each of the heads on the pikes to discover their tale and fight through the challenges to earn their power.

Each challenge is slightly different, ranging from platforming challenges to wave-based fight challenges. Each of the eight challenges are relatively short and can be completed in total in around 20 minutes.

After doing his Highlander thing, Aarbron leaves the Graveyard of the Fallen to face Maletoth in a final showdown with the Leviathan.

Using a jetpack, Ratchet & Clank style, players must shoot and slash at the Leviathan and his multiple lifebars. It mostly involves dodging his projectiles and obstacles while chipping away at his life. Just remember that when he forms the wall barriers you can shoot through them to make an opening to pass through. For the barrier with the gold emblem, shoot the golden emblem to break the barrier.

After defeating Maletoth’s Leviathan, players will be granted a choice of killing Maletoth, sparing him or turning human. After the choice is made the game will end after a short cinematic showing the aftermath of that choice.


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