Slain! Will Improve Controls And Add Counter-Attacks In Patch 1.5

One of the most badass side-scrollers out there that hasn’t quite lived up to its potential is the hand-drawn game Slain!, from Wolf Brew Games. It’s an amazing looking game with an awesome art-style, but the early reviews for the title noted that the stiff controls and lack of options in combat limited what was otherwise an awesome game. Well, Wolf Brew has listened to the critical feedback and will be fixing the game.

They announced over on the Steam page that patch 1.5 would bring an all new counter-attack system that would allow players to dish out some brutal damage with a properly timed attack that also looks sweet. Check out the image below to see Slain!’s new counter-attack in action.

According to the post on Steam, full gamepad customization will be added to the game, along with a brand new dedicated blocking system. According to the developers…

“[…] we’ve been working on some cool new features. There is now a dedicated block button, which will allow you to defend yourself against a number of projectiles and melee attacks. A perfectly timed block will cause your opponent to become staggered, allowing you to step in and perform a powerful counter-attack”

Some of the biggest complaints about the game was just how stiff the controls were and how limited they were, along with the lack of customization. So it’s good to know that they’re literally addressing the biggest issues with the game and giving gamers options in how they customize and play Slain!.

The 1.5 patch won’t be coming anytime soon, though, it’s set to arrive three weeks from now, so don’t expect to hop back into Slain! with those fresh new features until mid-to-late June.

The game itself is a little like The Witcher meets Chakan: The Forever Man with a dash of Van Halen.

If you like hard metal with awesome sprite work and Gothic themes, Slain! is the game for you… well, once the control issues get sorted.

The indie title is available right now for only $12.99. You can learn more about the side-scroller by paying a visit to the Steam store page.