Smithy: Arcade Shooter Gets Greenlit, Coming To Steam June 3rd

Smithy is a Hamster… a Hamster that is also a master weapon smith. Indie developers David Mulder and Tristan Hartz teamed up with publishers Red Splat Games to create a simple and cute 2D isometric Arcade shooter, set inside a procedurally generated world.

Smithy may not be for everyone and you may not see the potential in it as a game, but there were a large group of gamers that loved the concept, allowing it to pass through Steam Greenlight to head to the official Steam Store. If you like classic survival isometric arcade shooters, you may be interested in playing Smithy to test your skills to see how long you can last in the deadly dungeon arena.

Smithy takes place in a deep dark dungeon filled with other rodents, bats, and other creepy creatures that are all out to kill you. Smithy has nothing but his trusty guns to help him survive as he delves deeper and deeper into the abyss of the dungeons.

Players will be able to wield laser guns, machine guns, and shotguns as you battle through hoards of enemies to survive. Since the dungeons are random and procedural, you’ll never know what lurks around the corner, which way you will need to go, or which way may lead to a deadend. Players will be able to search through the dungeons for secrets and hidden treasure, and find and collect new powerful weapons to eliminate anything that stands in your path. The developers released two gameplay trailers to showcase the game, so you can check them out down below to see the gun wielding rodent in action.

Smithy will have Steam card support in a future update after release, and will only cost about $3.99 USD when it officially launches. If you are interested in playing Smithy or learning more about the game, you can visit the official Steam Store page for further details.


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