Star Trek Online Nude Mods Create Bugs With Latest Patch

In the middle of April last month, Star Trek Online received a major mid-season patch ahead of the upcoming third expansion pack called Agents of Yesterday, which was recently revealed over on the Arc Games website.

The mid-April patch, which was detailed over on the Steam update page, revealed that season 11.5 contains a new Annorax-class Science Dreadnought, new missions, new ship customization options, and a new specialization class. With these new features also comes new bug squashes and glitch-fixes, but it also means that some modders have run into a bit of trouble with their own little additions to the game.

Across the places where modders frequent to keep Star Trek Online characters exploring the frontiers of space in the buff, they’ve noted that certain features are bugged with the nude mods installed. Over on LoversLab user AnnieMarie noted that there’s a bit of a disappearing act that goes on in Star Trek Online with the nude mods installed…

“seems to be a bit of a glitch.. using the mods makes the deferi that follow you around in the city in the invasion zone to disappear”

Another user over on the Undertow.Club noted that the cinematics get jangled with the nude mods installed, while others dealt with some minor character creation anomalies.

Such is the life of modders.

The nude mods for Star Trek Online have been around for quite some time, dating all the way back to early 2012. Over the past four years the community has slowly kept up with each major expansion and patch, and adjusted, modified and tweaked the nude mods accordingly to fit with the changing times. Expect a few more tweaks to the nude mods following April’s patch, and don’t be surprised if there are a few more tweaks following the launch of Agents of Yesterday.

So far it doesn’t appear as if the SJWs have invaded the Star Trek Online modding community or attempted to subvert them the way they’re trying to weasel their way into the Street Fighter V modding community.

You can learn more about Star Trek Online’s latest patch by visiting the official website, or you can grab the nude mod from Password42, which is hosted over on the Undertow.Club.

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