Street Fighter 5 Mods Add R. Mika Thong, Karin Bikini, Full Metal Alchemist

A couple of noteworthy new mods have been made available for Street Fighter V on PC. The modding community has gone over and beyond in building some fresh new content for the game, including some risque material and some fan-favorite imports from popular anime.

So first up is the Full Metal Alchemist mod. It’s a model swap for Zangief, turning him into Alphonse Elric. The full metal knight takes over the role of the Russian wrestler with impeccable detail. The model work and effects are especially well done. You can download the mod from over on MrTheBull’s DeviantArt page. He has a link in the upper right hand corner of the page. The file is only 4.8MB so you won’t be there forever downloading it.

According to a post over on the Zetaboards, MrTheBull thanked modder USSCrazybat for designing the special blue effect for the Alphonse conversion; helping bring those mods to life like a boss.

Up next, we head into the more NSFW territory, so if your boss is looming over your shoulder or your mother is patrolling your net waves with eyes like a hawk, you better minus the browser and head to the Teletubbies site because she may not like seeing the big, busty, bouncy R. Mika trouncing around in nothing but an itty, bitty thong and a tight, white t-shirt. Your dad on the other hand? If he’s nearby…. well, just check to see if he’s got his hands in his pocket.


The muscled-up wrestler is wearing a gym class outfit, with nothing but gym shoes, a t-shirt, no mask and a thong.

This particular version has been fixed from the original, with a few modifications made to tweak some glitches and bugs that were found in the last outing. Alternatively, the modder who created this particular outfit for R. Mika, TheJamK, released a gameplay demonstration video to give you an idea of what the mod looks like in action. It’s just as NSFW as the screenshot above, so watch with caution.

As you can see, R. Mika has a slightly altered hairstyle to match her casual yet risque attire. If you think this is the kind of mod that will make your version of Street Fighter V a bit more spruced up than usual, you can download the mod from over on TheJamK’s DeviantArt page.

Last but not least is a micro-bikini outfit for the one and only Karin.

Modder Pliberty put together the mod and it’s also not safe for work, just in case you were wondering. You can check out an image below.


The link to this particular mod is located on the the DeviantArt page. It’s suggested by Pliberty to use a mod manager to install the mod. Take note that the download link is where it says “Download is HERE”, as opposed to being up in the corner like many of the other mod links.

Street Fighter V is available right now for PC and PS4. Many of these NSFW mods are triggering to games journalists, so download them and spread them to keep on triggering those journalists.


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