Street Fighter 5 Sells 1.4 Million While Capcom Pushes For More Diversity
(Last Updated On: July 4, 2016)

The Capcom financials are in and they show some very interesting stats. China is a market that’s growing hand-over-foot, while the pachinko and arcade markets are stagnating, and all the meanwhile Capcom plans to help reorganize and evolve the company by pushing for more diversity… and more games being released in China.

According to Shoryuken, it was mentioned during the financial report for the 2015 fiscal year that Street Fighter V managed to sell 1.4 million within its debut quarter. The sales figures were off by 600,000 units, with Capcom originally having set the target sales for 2 million units within the first quarter. I do wonder if not releasing the game on the Xbox One had something to do with the lower-than-expected figures?

Shoryuken notes that Capcom isn’t too worried about the lower-than-expected figures given that they plan to pad the game’s sales lifespan with a long tail-end featuring plenty of DLC and a fruitful e-sports run.

Tencent’s Monster Hunter Online was another big property that also fell short of expected figures. According to the financial report, Capcom stated…

“in the continuously growing Chinese market, distribution of the PC online game “Monster Hunter Online” by Tencent Holdings Limited in cooperation with the Company, which began in December 2015, was off to a good start, thus increasing the possibility of even greater business development in China going forward.


“On the other hand, the amusement market failed to show signs of improvement, and the results remained soft.”

The amusement sector’s operating income was down by 25% compared to the previous year.

Nevertheless, Capcom actually gained a net profit, up 13.7% from the previous year.

So what are they going to do in result? Hop on the diversity train.

The fiscal report notes that Capcom will be really pushing for more diversity within the company, where it states…

“The Company has been engaged in initiatives to employ people of diverse backgrounds and has been promoting diversity by conducting personnel recruiting, evaluations and promotions without prejudice based on one’s nationality, gender, age, etc.”

They want to put more women in management positions while also lessening working hours for those with kids or during child-rearing phases of their life.

The report goes on to say…

“As part of such efforts, the Company is pushing forward with its support for child-rearing by providing child-care leave and shorter working hours, and promoting women to management positions as well as employing and nurturing global human resources. As a result, the Company, as of the end of the fiscal year under review, employs 24 women in manager positions (10.3% of all the employees in manager positions) and 91 foreigners (4.0% of all the employees).“

When they say “91 foreigners” are they referring to non-Japanese working at the company or non-whites working at their American headquarters?

Anyway, following the push to help more women succeed in the workplace, Capcom will be aiming to get more women into managerial positions over the next couple of years. In fact, they want 15% of their managerial workforce to be women by 2021, stating in the report…

“[…] in consideration of the Act of Promotion of Women’s Participation and Advancement in the Workplace, which went into effect from April 2016, the Company has been making further efforts to support the advancement of women in the workplace by ensuring a friendly environment for female workers through such means as providing internal nursery care services, while at the same time improving the internal environment in order to increase the percentage of women in the Company’s manager positions to 15% by 2021.”

Capcom also wants to focus a lot more on overseas sales and expansion, specifically targeting more games and products to leverage the U.S., Europe and China. According to the report, Japan is pretty much all milked out.

They plan to expand the company’s presence while focusing on properties and brands that show growth potential. They note that Street Fighter and Resident Evil already have mainstream appeal and they want to capitalize on that. How exactly? They don’t say.

Anyway, it will be very interesting to see how their diversity initiative and focus on child care services and family-oriented productivity facilities within the corporate structure affect the way Capcom does business. If it means not having to deal with stupidity like disc-locked content, then it’s all good in my book.

(Main image courtesy of SFV Mods)

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  • Horrorstorm

    I hope they end up with a bunch of Anitas so the quality drops even further and they shrivel up and die.

  • bob

    C’mon Japan I thought you were smarter than this.

    • When they censored Rainbow Mika and Cammy and made that disgraceful Tweet about not wanting to “offend” anyone that was it for Capcom as far as I’m concerned.

      So this news of them wanting “diversity” (i.e. discarding and excluding men) in their company only confirms the way they’re heading. They seem to be slowly transitioning into SJWs.

      As a fighting game fan, I’ve been a big fan of Capcom since the Street Fighter 2 days. Spent so much money on their games. I’ve even put up with their bad moves in the last few years. But them going SJW/feminist is the last fucking straw for me. So after around 20 years, that’ll be it. Flushing them down the toilet with bleach. Not giving another penny to these f**king panderers any more.

      • bob

        It’s a damn shame it’s come to this. I still remember back playing megaman on the nes. Now capcom can’t do anything right.

    • Godmars

      But you’re not talking about Japan: this is Capcom.

      At this point Capcom is barely a step behind Konami.

  • MusouTensei

    I would say RIP Capcom but that ship sailed away a long time ago.

  • What happened to treating BOTH genders equally?

    What happened to the practice of whoever is the best qualified gets the job, regardless of gender?

    What happened to getting hired on your skills & ability, and not what’s between your legs?

    Why must women get special treatment and privileges?

    And there’s me thinking feminists (and women who moan about it) wanted equality huh?

    This is once again, discrimination against men, hiding that false mask of “equality” and “progression”

    I’m getting very tired of the ‘WE MUST LOOK AFTER, CARE FOR, and KOWTOW TO THE WOMEN OVER EVERYTHING ELSE’ attitude. Because it’s usually always at the expense of MEN. Men usually have to lose something in order to accommodate them.

    I hope this fucking shit ends after the US presidential election.

    I am an egalitarian, which means I advocate for the equal treatment of all. For some reason, feminists see this as “sexist” or “misogynist”?

    Act of Promotion of Women’s Participation and Advancement in the Workplace

    More like the Act of Discarding Men in the Workplace.

    • Godmars

      “I hope this fucking shit ends after the US presidential election.”

      Out of what seems to be the two major candidates Trump is as likely to inadvertently support authoritarian socialist policies as Clinton likely will under the feminist progressive they’re hiding behind.

  • Muten

    I dont know, i kinda want japanese game to stay japanese as fuck.

  • C G Saturation

    Are you talented?
    Ever wanted to join Capcom?
    Penis or Vagina?
    Penis? Too bad, we don’t want you.

  • scemar

    Adding more true diversity of ideas and backgrounds would actually be a good thing for the company, it would add more ideas to what happens behind the scenes, so there’s more chances someone would have a good idea, or spot a bad one.

    Sadly we all know that when they mean diversity, they don’t actually mean that.
    They just mean it in the politically correct way.
    Which only leads to less diversity of ideas, and instead of people becoming more proactive and instead of there being more discussion and transparency, the opposite ends happening, and they end caring more about furthering a political narrative than actually strengthening their company.

    • The first part of your comment almost gave me hope.

      The second part of your comment brought me back down to reality.

      • scemar

        Well, that’s how life is.
        There’s bad stuff, but there must always be hope.

        • There isn’t. Not if big companies like this keep on adopting and promoting these sexist policies that discrimnate against men, and boasting about it like it’s a proud thing to do.

          Like the Game Industry Panel that was cancelled by the college because the speakers/developers were all males.

          I fucking guarantee you that if the speakers had been ALL females, they wouldn’t have complained. Instead, they would have praised it. And gloated about it.

          You know because only men can be sexist.

      • Jesus Zamora

        Well, I’m willing to see what happens. If they only pursue political correctness, we’ll know when the product quality declines (even further).