Subnautica Basic Crafting And Starter Guide

Unknown Worlds’ Subnautica is a truly beautiful, emergent survival game. It takes place underwater and features crafting, surviving and tons of exploration. If you need a bit of help getting started there are some neat little guides to help you out along the way.

The basic gist of the game is that if Hello Games’ No Man’s Sky got ravaged in a corner by a Pixar film and had an illegitimate kid that it dumped into the ocean to get rid of it for good, Subnautica would be that ocean kid.

Hopefully that sums it all up for you.

A basic starting guide on how to gather goods and build some basic equipment is handled nicely by Funky Spud with a 20 minute video you can check out below.

As pointed out in the video, don’t go to the main ship that’s crashed in the water; not at the start of the game, anyway. It has high levels of radiation, making it an inconvenient place of exploration at the start of the game until you get a radiation suit, just like Samus not being able to head into certain parts of a planet until she gets the Varia suit.

At the start, you’ll need to use the Fabricator to make items located inside the escape pod. You can
Voxel-based environment so you can dig or move through objects with physical deformation.
Purple Jeweled Disc
The first thing you’ll want to do is build a Constructor so you can build new items and bigger items after you gather higher tier items.

Be sure to build the Constructor outside of your escape pod otherwise the weight will sink it.

To start making advanced nautical exploration, you’ll need a Seamoth. The Seamoth allows you to dive deep into the ocean playground and explore areas you won’t be able to reach on your own, with just basic survival gear. You can get the blueprint from within the Fabricator but you’ll need the Constructor to build it. YouTuber Sl1pg8r has a video focused on the Seamoth that you can check out below.

Funnily enough, combat is very similar to Stranded Deep and almost equally as useless at times (until you get a big freaking gun). Try avoiding engaging in any sort of combat until you can get a rifle crafted, otherwise you’ll be poking and stabbing at large fish all day long with the little dinkle knife. The knife is good for gathering material and items, but it’s piss poor when you bring a survival knife to a shark fight.

Subnautica is a fairly awesome game with a growing following of gamers. It’s got a great look to it and some room to grow. New updates are made frequently and you can learn more by paying a visit to the official website or pick up your own copy of the Early Access game from the Steam store or from the Xbox Store through the Xbox One Game Preview program.