Tactera: VR Tabletop RTS Seeks Greenlight Approval

Enter the tactical war room in this real time strategy simulator called Tactera, developed by indie devs Tetragrammaton and E McNeill.

Tactera is a virtual reality holographic war room simulator, where the game focuses on the war itself. You won’t need to do the resource gathering or attempt to micromanage individual units. Instead, you plan out your overall war tactics and use your strategies to maneuver your troops around the field to take over enemy bases and wipe out all hostile units that stand in your way.

It sounds like Tactera will give players three unit types, and within those three types you will have about twelve different units within those base types, ranging from ground troops, to air strikes, to artillery to blow away stubborn forces that are advancing towards your base.

Graphically, the entire game looks like a war room with a holographic table in the middle, giving the game a high-tech futuristic visual appearance.

From the comfort of your war room, you will use the holographic table to direct your soldiers around the battlefield, manage your units, and watch the overall grand scheme of the battle unfold on your virtual holographic screen. You will be able to play in a single player campaign mode against the computer AI, or take the battle online and challenge your rivals in multiplayer head to head strategy sessions. The developers released a trailer for Tactera, so I linked it down below so you can see a bit of what its like.

At the moment it isn’t clear if you will be able to play without a VR helmet or if it is a standard requirement, but from the looks of it, Tactera was built from the ground up specifically for VR headsets, so I will take a gamble and say it is a necessity to have one. If you would like to read or learn more about Tactera, you can head on over to the Steam Greenlight page to cast your vote, or check out the official Tactera website for further details.


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