Terraria Arrives On Wii U Starting June 24th

Re-Logic and 505 Games have finally done it… they’ve finally brought the half-decade old survival, 2D platformer, Terraria to the Wii U. Well, it’s not quite on Nintendo’s home console yet… but it’s coming.

In fact, Terraria will launch at retail on June 24th in Europe and on June 28th in North America. A lot of the same features that made the game iconic on PC and other home consoles will still make a return to form, with the digging, scavenging, treasure hunting and Cthulhu fighting that made the original game as fun and as addictive as it was.

Word went out recently that Terraria would be finally making the dive onto the Wii U next month, with said Dean Scott, Producer at 505 Games commenting in the press release about the game, saying…

“Terraria on Wii U offers an amazing new experience on the Wii U gamepad,” […] “Using the gamepad touch screen controls, the Wii U version allows players the unique ability to dig deep into Terraria’s universe and build complicated structures by simply drawing on the screen.”

If you forgot what Terraria looked like on the Wii U, there’s some footage of it from back in March that the FamilyGamerTV crew managed to grab while discussing some of the details of the survival title with 505 Games’ Dean Scott. Check it out below.

While a large portion of the game is the typical kind of gameplay fare that you’ve come to recognize from the years of having played it in the past, there’s actually some brand new content implemented to make the game specifically appealing to the Nintendonites.

For instance, they’ve added brand new touchscreen controls to the game that allows players to craft and construct structures right from the comfort of the GamePad. That’s likely going to be very useful when building certain things or trying to quickly fashion up some shelter from the night zombies.

They’ve added some Miiverse integration with global leaderboards and in-game accomplishments, along with eight-player online support with four-player splitscreen play. You have to admit, the splitscreen option sounds mighty tantalizing, no?

Three other players can grab a Wii-mote and attempt to help you survive while trying to scavenge for their own goods. That’s actually pretty cool and something I wish was on the PC version.

Anyway, the Wii U version of Terraria will sport a total of 14 different biomes to explore, more than 150 enemies to defeat, and hundreds of different weapons and items to loot across the vast 2D seed.

You can learn more about the game by hitting up the official Nintendo website. And just as a gentle reminder (because we all need on every once in a while) Terraria is due to drop on June 24th in Europe and on June 28th in North America.


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