The Day We Left Sees Players Trying To Survive Horrors As Refugees

A new 3D adventure game from Innervoid Interactive called The Day We Left puts players in the role of Rashid, a father of a family trying to escape from a war torn country on the verge of collapse. Things are made worse yet when things like food and water become an issue and the basic necessities of life eventually evolve into daily struggles for a family living as refugees.

If the above premise sounds a little hard to swallow, well that’s because Innervoid wanted it to go down like a rock stuck in your throat. The game is aimed at not pulling any punches in order to bring players a tale of survival, horror and struggle as a family having to make some difficult decisions in order to survive.

As mentioned in the press release…

“Thanks to the use of real situations found in stories reported by refugees, there is a great sense of realism in the events that happen in the game. Due to the nature of the topic, Innervoid strives to present the human aspect of the crisis and depict characters that are fleshed out and believable.”

That sounds very interesting, especially the part about many aspects of the game being based on real life stories of surviving refugees, likely mirrored after the crisis in Syria. However, that doesn’t mean that players will have an easy go of it, because Innervoid mentions that there will be a “healthy balance” between the interactive gameplay mechanics and the story-oriented tale of the family trying to survive the hardships they’ve been faced with.

That Day We Left

The game uses a low-poly art-style set against a grim palette with a foreboding use of shadows and lighting. There will also be a resource management feature in the game, not unlike games such as DayZ or Rust where supplies and item micromanagement are essential for survival.

I have no idea how this game will actually turn out, and the lack of a trailer makes it difficult to judge at this point. However, I have to at least give points to Innervoid for tackling some sensitive subject matter. Let’s just hope they’ll be able to finish the game and get their story out there without any rabid SJW-types attacking them or trying to get the game censored, which seems to be happening at an alarming rate these days.

There’s no release date set for That Day We Left, but the game is coming to PC and Mac. You can keep an eye on the game by paying a visit to the official website.


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