The Underground Man: Retro-style RPG looking for Greenlight

The Underground Man is a retro RPG with platforming and puzzle elements, developed by Meh Soft; what a creative name for a gaming studio… It sounds like they put a lot of effort into it. Luckily, the game they have created looks pretty decent in terms of concept and gameplay.

Admittedly, the gameplay the developers show in the below Alpha footage trailer is quite limited, so it will be hard to judge The Underground Man correctly until we get some more gameplay footage. The theme of the game however was pretty clear to me since I have played other similar games in the past, such as Flashback, Out Of This World; and one I regret conquering several times, No Escape for the Sega Genesis. The Underground Man takes similar themes, but also adds in elements of roleplaying and stat upgrades to add a bit more depth to the game.

Players will be able to create their own character, choosing from a set of different character portraits, choosing their name, age, and allocating skill points for different abilities to help them in the game. There is a stat in there for sexuality, so I am a bit confused what putting points into that will do. I guess my goal will be to choose that pervy Walter White picture and become a master of sexuality and lung capacity.

the underground man2

However, The Underground Man takes things even farther with even more retro-style elements (I know right!) with a blast from the past by implementing keyboard dialogue that you manually have to type in for replies. Remember those old games from Sierra and you would spend hours trying to find the right set of keywords to perform an action? Yeah, that type of stuff.

The developers haven’t gone in detail about how that system will work, but it seems to actually affect the game and story. The Underground Man takes place in the far future in a post-apocalyptic world where the surface has been destroyed, and it sounds like the survivors have turned into hostile cannibals and wild men. For those that wanted to survive those harsh conditions, they have moved underground — hence the name of the game. Now, one man has decided to go on a journey to the surface to help save his people. You can take a look at the alpha trailer down below to see a bit of what the game is like.

If you are interested in seeing more of The Underground Man, you can check out their Steam Greenlight page for further details and information about the game.


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