The Witcher 3: Blood And Wine, How To Find Manticore And Grandmaster Ursine Gear Set

Those who are in search of the Manticore Witcher gear set and Grandmaster Ursine Witcher armor set will find that they are sprawled across the new land of Toussaint, which is only available to those who have the new Blood and Wine DLC for the Witcher 3: Wild Hunt. The game is currently out for PC, PS4 and Xbox One.

Starting off with the medium-armor set, the Manticore Witcher gear set can be found in six pieces, four armor pieces and with two swords. Like most crafting items, you will need to craft the diagram at the Grandmaster Smith, who is located in the new land of Toussaint. Before jumping into the video, there are active time stamps below showing each part, which requires your character level to be at 40.

  • 0:05 shows Manticore Steel Sword
  • 0:40 shows Manticore Armor
  • 1:20 shows Manticore Trousers
  • 1:20 shows Manticore Boots
  • 2:02 shows Manticore Silver Sword
  • 3:43 shows Manticore Gauntlets
  • 4:20 shows stats, and where to craft diagrams.

Thanks to PowerPyx, you can watch the guide below that shows every part to the Manticore Witcher gear set. At 5:23 the armor set is shown off, offering a good look at the armor and gear.

The next armor set is the Grandmaster Ursine Witcher gear set. This set can only be found in the Blood and Wine DLC, which consists of six pieces, four armor pieces and two swords. Something worth noting, the crossbow cannot be upgraded. Unlike the Manticore Witcher gear set, this version comes in as a heavy armor set, and requires the user to be level 40.

  • 0:05 shows Grandmaster Ursine Silver Sword
  • 0:05 shows Grandmaster Ursine Armor
  • 0:05 shows Grandmaster Ursine Gauntlets
  • 0:48 shows Grandmaster Ursine Trousers
  • 0:48 shows Grandmaster Ursine Steel Sword
  • 0:48 shows Grandmaster Ursine Boots.

Lastly, the video below by PowerPyx shows the location for the armor gear set, better known as Grandmaster Ursine, which is showcased at 2:39.


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