Tree Of Savior Level 100 – 200 Leveling Guide

Tree of Savior may have its issues, but gamers can’t seem to get enough of the isometric, hand-drawn RPG. A lot of gamers are curious how to level quickly during certain levels, especially for the higher levels. Well, there’s a useful guide available to help players grind from level 100 up to level 200.

YouTuber Till Eternity Gaming has an hour long video that covers bosses, dungeons and grinding spots to get from level 100 to 200. You can check out the video below.

If you need a quick guide on suggestions and tutorials on where to look within the hour long video for help with your specific grinding level, there’s a chart you can use below with time stamps for the video.

Missions – 02:22
Bonus Stat Statues (3) – 08:25
100-110 – 10:57
Exp Card Popping 119-130 – 16:22
110-115 Grinding Spot – 20:56
130-140 – 25:53
140-145 – 27:40
145-170 Grinding Spot – 30:10
Importance of 150-167 Grind – 37:17
Why Lv160 DG isn’t ran as often? – 38:07
What about Lv175 DG? – 40:10
167 – 178 – 41:14
178-190 – 42:54
DG Locations – 46:31
190-200 – 52:30
Dullahan World Boss – 53:24

Till suggests farming bosses since it will cost like one million  XP to get levels after 100. He suggests using the /indun command so you can check out which instanced dungeons you can do right from the main menu without having to go through any trouble of finding the dungeons suited for your level.

Till also mentions going to the Royal Mausoleum C. Chapel, Saknis Plains or Inner Encinete District to get status bonuses to help with leveling. At the 8:25 mark he shows on the map where to find each of the statues within the main zones.

Between 100 and level 105, it’s suggested to do six or seven runs at level 90 dungeons. This will help your character level up to level 110. After you do the grinds at the level 90 dungeons, be sure to complete the quests just below level 110 leading up to Fedimian.

According to Till, it took between five and six hours to level from 100 to 110.

Till also pops a lot of EXP cards in order to help instantly level through some of the levels. Actually, he uses the EXP cards to move from 110 to 115, and then from 120 to 130 in order to do the 130 dungeons.

Between 115 and 120, Till runs dungeons from 115 up until 119. Alternatively, if you want to save your cards between 110 and 115, you can grind it out in the old fashion way by farming mobs in the Crystal Mine Lot 2 2F and Sicarius 1F. You farm these areas between 110 to 115 until you can run some dungeons up until 119.

After completing the 130 dungeons you’ll want to get the Petamion recipe from the Harpeia boss cube because it’ll buff up your stats by the double digits. After you finish the 130 dungeons and get to 140, Till recommends catching up on all your quests between 140 and 145, especially at the Mage Tower all the way up to until 5F. He also recommends completing any quests below 130 in order to catch up and power through 140 to 145.

While the aforementioned quests will be opened up at 130 and it’s possible to do them once you hit 130, he suggested saving them until 140 so you’ll be able to stack EXP cards. If you don’t have any quests left, you can pop EXP cards up until you get to 145 so you can do the 145 dungeons.

Now according to Till, from 150 to 167 you won’t be able to do much of anything to gain quick EXP unless you grind. He suggests going to the Demon Prison and Dina Bee Farm to grind between 150 up until 167.

Tree of Savior - Image16

It’s important to grind through 150 to 167 at the aforementioned places because there’s an EXP deadzone between 178 and 190 due to the EXP gap that goes into effect in the upper echelon of the 100s. So if you grind through 150 to 167 you can then farm EXP cards and proceed to pop EXP cards between 186 to 190.

So just to reiterate: avoid the exp deadzone between 178 and 190.

Between 167 and 178 you then do quests catch up from the Demon Prison District up until the Shanton Reservoir.

From 178 to 186 you’ll want to continue questing through Dina Bee Farm, Vilna Forest, Uskis Arable Land and Spring Light Woods. Completing the missions will earn you some more EXP cards, so if you’re still stuck in the low 180s, you can pop the EXP cards from the missions you’ve completed to get to 190.

Alternatively, if you can find a good party, Till suggests grinding out the levels at 186 at the Inner Encinete District.

For the dungeons getting up to level 200 you can do the Fedimian Suburbs dungeon, the Forest of Prayer, Greene Manor and Nuoridin Falls to help level up to 200 if you need dungeons.

Alternatively, you can farm Dullahan at the Roxona Reconstruction East Building who has 12M HP. He drops some gear that’s supposedly good enough that will last you up until 170. You will also need at least five people if you want to take down Dullahan.

Tree of Savior is available right now and is currently free to play on Steam and through the official website.