Tree Of Savior Nude Mods Hit A Snag, But Modders Manage A Fix

IMC Games’ Tree of Savior is now enjoying life as a free-to-play MMO, working as a spiritual successor to Ragnarok Online. Much like every other MMO out there, this hand-painted, isometric title was not immune to the ways of modders and their desire to see the female characters made nude. However, IMC updated the client, rendering the nude mods unusable.

Over on the TOS Base website, users began complaining that the IPF Suite no longer could view and extract data from Tree of Savior. Users noted that the IPF can no longer view textures, thus limiting modders in how they can get work done on the game. User Flash wrote…

“[…] As far as I know no one has figured out how to read the new files and I’m not sure if it’s even possible or if the protection is too strong. I haven’t created the IPF Suite myself and I doubt it will be updated in the near future but we will see.”

For a while users were out of luck when it came to nude mods in Tree of Savior. However, some modders working on the open source version of IPF Suite picked up the mantle and have been carrying it ever since. You can now download the source for the IPF Unpacker from over on GitHub.

You will need to make sure you read the necessary readme files so you know what to do, but if you have any experience at all with compiling software in a compiler, you can download the source code and run it through a compiler to create a proper executable. From there, you can then get back to decrypting IPF files from Tree of Savior, modifying those files and then re-encrypting them.

Once you get the IPF Unpacker source code and compile it into a working executable, you can then download the nude mods for the game from over on, courtesy of users Naduron and Anyelou.

Tree of Savior is available right now as a free-to-play MMORPG on PC.


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