Understanding Nude Mods And Street Fighter
(Last Updated On: May 3, 2016)

The Mary Sue’s Maddy Myers took aim at the modding community in an article published on May 2nd, 2016 title “The ‘Uncensored’ World of Street Fighter Mods”, covering the concept of people creatively doing what they do in their free time and the other people who enjoy embracing that creativity.

The piece mostly focuses on NSFW toggles within the modding community, noting that the lack of toggles in the Street Fighter V modding community makes it difficult to recommend mods for those who prefer safe work spaces. This paragraph seems to sum up the gist of the piece, where Myers writes…

“Within the Street Fighter threads that I frequent, modding spaces are undeniably sexual spaces, with an emphasis on the sexualization of women, as I’ve stated. There’s no division between “family-friendly” Street Fighter mods and nude mods. All of these mods get created within the same space and linked in the same community threads, with no tagging or system of demarcation. Therefore, any time I recommend to someone that they check out Street Fighter mods, I should probably include this caveat: “Get ready to scroll through a lot of pages of Chun-Li boob-jiggling mods!”

That’s all fine and whatever; most sites have NSFW tags when you go to check out mods. It was rare for me to scour through various popular games with supple modding communities that didn’t have the tags. The only times where tags weren’t present were in modding communities too small to bother with adding the tags.

But the real troublesome part is how the article paints a picture that sexy-time mods and risque alterations to the characters are reinforced societal structures put in place by the developers, where Myers writes…

“[…] the Street Fighter mod community simply serves as a representation of the larger problems in the rest of society, in terms of how the treatment of women differs—and that treatment gets reinforced by the game itself, in terms of the existing costume designs and the lack of body diversity. The game itself already presents the female characters as sex objects, and that attitude continues to pervade the mod community. Any exception to this norm is either rare, a joke, or both.”

You’ll find that even games like King of Fighters (just pick any of the non-HD ones) will have an ample supply of nude female mods within the MUGEN community, so it’s not the developers influencing anything. Not all of SNK’s female fighters are sexualized like Mai. But it doesn’t take anything but a quick Google search to find nude mods for non-sexualized characters like Leona, Whip, Blue Mary or King (just to name a few).

Heck, even when Team Ninja suggested to the PC modding community not to make nude mods for the PC version of Dead or Alive, they did it anyway, as noted by IBTimes. There’s also nothing inherently sexual about the females in Fallout 4, but that didn’t stop modders from making the CBBE mod (and similar mods) to make the female characters curvier and more voluptuous.


It’s disturbing to think that people are ignoring the simple fact that maybe… just maybe guys really enjoy female sexuality. Even if said female sexuality is stripped away from the game, leave it to modders to put it back in. The average guy doesn’t need reinforcement from anyone to want to ogle at hot women.

The developers completely de-sexualized Lara Croft in the two new Tomb Raider games, but you’ll find plenty of Source Filmmaker clips with the new Lara in various states of undress. It doesn’t take a genius to figure out that guys like girls… and they like it when girls are sexy.

Myers has hopes that the modding community will separate the sexy from the non-sexy, writing…

“I would hope to see the mod community approach this topic with the realization that not everyone who visits modding boards wants to see Chun-Li’s boobs jiggling on every thread. (Seriously, do they know how painful that would be?) I’d like to see a more nuanced outlook when it comes to the differences between sexy mods and other kinds of mods, as opposed to just throwing all the mods in the same bucket and acting like all is equal.”

It’s a strange request because I’m not entirely sure where Myers goes to get her mods, but if you want the really cool Street Fighter mods (for any of the countless variations floating around out there) you’ll want to hit up DeviantArt. The thing is, there is no separation on the artists’ pages between SFW and NSFW mods unless you have mature content turned off. It’s just all there. Some of the more lewd mods are intertwined with non-lewd mods, and it’s up to the artist to determine how those are put on display. Even more than that, It’s up to viewers to actually click on the mods.


Myers chalks it up to the way things have been, and that suggesting these changes as an “outsider” is like wading into a swamp of murky water filled with modders that have the pressured snap of an alligator’s mouth jamming shut…

“To ask the mod community to make a separate thread for jiggling-boob gifs would be like asking them to make a fundamental change to how they operate and how they identify. For them, this is as much a part of Street Fighter as anything else, and to even ask such a thing, I would be an “outsider” (no matter how long I’ve been there).”

The reality is that once you’ve entered into a space that modders have retreated to, you’re in their space. They specifically made that space to get away from people telling them that they can’t have that space in other aspects of their life. This is a place where they’ve gone to express their own creative freedoms without worrying about judgments from those standing on the outside or “outsiders” asking them to not be who they are.

You have to understand that even if you’re someone who enjoys a game or hobby, it doesn’t necessarily make you on the “inside” of that hobby.

Heck, I love fighting games and even I’m not on the “inside” of the MUGEN community, or “inside” of the Street Fighter modding scene, or “inside” of the FGC.

I love a variety of games, and have created mods for PC and console alike, including but not limited to Halo, Garry’s Mod, DOOM, Quake, etc., etc., but I’m certainly not “in” those modding communities. Even as someone who has contributed to the culture of modding, I’m still an outsider in those communities. Why? Because those are spaces made for people to create what they want, and if you don’t like what they want then you can leave and create a space for the things that you do want.


It’s a matter of respecting the spaces that those people have created, and if you want to join those spaces, you have to blend in with what they’ve made, not the other way around.

Myers, however, posed the question of whether or not other modders enjoy the very sexual nature of some modding communities, and whether or not taking leave is what’s best for all parties…

“Whenever I complain about these spaces, people just tell me to leave and make my own. Sometimes I do. But I also wonder, at least in this case, whether there are other modders out there who don’t actually like the fact that these spaces are inherently sexual and that a lot of sexual content appears there without any tagging.“

The thing is, every hairstyle, every fetish, every kink, every clothing item, every moveset, stage and character alteration is made by people who want that, and they attract others who also want that. Modding is an insular fulfillment, not a consumer service.

I’ve only collaborated with a few modders over time, and usually at arm’s length, you have to respect their boundaries, respect when they will or won’t let you use certain tools, respect what they will or won’t let you distribute, and respect the rules of the community that they’ve established.

It’s a little like going into a David Cronenberg fandom circle and exclaiming “I just wish Cronenberg would focus a little less on grotesque imagery!” Those people aren’t fans of Cronenberg in spite of grotesque imagery, they’re fans because of grotesque imagery.


Near the end of the piece, Myers makes a comment that seems to point to the very thing that many gamers have grown tired of from gaming journalists: the attempt to dictate what gaming needs to become in order to be more “inclusive”. Myers writes…

“Street Fighter is realizing that many women don’t feel welcome in the fandom, but there still seems to be a lot of confusion as to why. Yet whenever I point out any of the reasons why, the community reacts with anger at the idea that their behavior would need to change. There’s a tension between wanting to share the pastime you love with other people, while also wanting it to remain an exclusive special artifact that only you understand. “

See here’s the thing, the mods only show up in the game for the people who install the mods. If you’re a female gamer and you don’t want to look at sexy-time mods, you don’t have to. You don’t have to install any mod you don’t want.

Now if the scenario being posed is that women are turned off from Street Fighter because they don’t want to wade through mods that may be NSFW, well then it’s just a matter of sticking with the artists and modders that cater to what those female gamers want.

The modding community is obviously going to react in anger about changes that they feel poses no benefit to them or detracts from the community that they helped build. Besides, it’s the modders’ work… having people who aren’t paying for it come in to tell them how to organize or filtrate their content is like coming in and telling Leonardo Davinci that having Leda and the Swan next to the Mona Lisa makes the Mona Lisa less inclusive.

Personally, whatever a modder puts on their personal page is their business. You either accept whatever they have to offer or you make your own community and attract/invite/advertise to the people you want in that community. It’s not hard to understand communities being angered when “outsiders” come in to disrupt the way they do things, because no one wants their “safe place” disrupted.

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    Where ever there’s a space where people with interests gather with other like minded people, there will always be Social Justice, sitting there in the shadow waiting to pounce on it for not being “inclusive” enough.

  • Johnny Vince

    Stupid people that bitch and whine about stuff that women pretty much do themselves via twerking and porn should put a loaded gun in their mouth and pull the trigger. SJW and Feminist are by far the biggest pussies in the world, God I wish those dumbass cry baby PC controlling bitches would just all gag on a fucking 17 inch cock and die.

  • Dindu Nuffin

    These are not real women. Treating them as “sex objects” is therefore irrelevant.

    As for mods in general? They’re personal by DESIGN. why can’t I mod Skyrim so every enemy is a naked 5yr old girl with an enormous penis?

  • Michael P

    They can complain until they’re blue in the face and it matches their hair. In the end it’s up to the modders themselves as far as Street Fighter is concerned, it’s THEIR space and you’re free to either download or fuck off. Those are your choices.

    The Nexus (as authoritarian as it may seem) works perfectly in this regard. The adult mods can be separated from the rest and safely ignored but if you try to start any political bullshit, the mods insta-ban your IP and you’re out the fucking door.

  • Mr Snow

    I feel like that was best said “Maybe guys just like women as sexual things” (paraphrased ish)

    Like, why is it wrong to want to ogle the female form?

  • Mr.Towel

    Fucking bullshit.

    To start with, Street Fighter doesn’t have a strong following of women simply because NO SERIOUS FIGHTING GAME has a strong following of women. Most women don’t see that much appeal in violence, that’s a fact, that’s a mostly male dominated preference because that’s how our biology works. It will result in these cultural trends naturally.

    Secondly, I believe the most modded game which has a very strong following of females is the “The Sims” series. Surprise: more than half of the modding being done centers around beauty and sexy items. Short party dresses, short skirts, skinny sexy clothing, princess hairstyles, cute makeup, etc. You don’t tell me women don’t like that shit and its not “inclusive enough” for them. They get sugar high on these stuff. As the sexy stuff abounds on The Sims, so does the NSFW The Sims mods. Anti-censor and nude mods are one of the most popular mods for The Sims series.

    Hell, the biggest female modder that I have seen, Girlplaysgame (http://www.girlplaysgame.com/,) produces a lot of beautiful sexy female models to an incredible range of games. Since her humble beginnings she has been doing sexy females (and sexy males) for herself and, obviously, for women.

    These people speak from a high-ground as they were the unified banner of women when they can’t get even their own community preferences straight.

  • MusouTensei

    I’m surprised she didn’t wrote #KillAllMaleModders.

  • C G Saturation

    The Mary Sue should be renamed to “The Lying Bullshit”. Other highly suitable names include “The Blatant Falsehoods”, “The Deceptive Propagandist”, “The Shameless Clickbait” and “The Delusional Sociopath”.

  • BuzzardZ

    Today on the Mary Sue: I don’t like it when men find women sexy it’s problematic. Daily reminder to never reproduce from feminists.

    It is MODDING you can literally make what you want to see instead of complaining about what other people mod.


  • Because modding nowadays can produce some extremely impressive professional-looking results on 3D models, it was only a matter of time before these authoritarian sex-negative whiners (only when it’s women being “sexualized” of course) focused on the modding community.

    Puritan prudes like Myers should realize that the modding community is a completely individual, free expression/creativity and a no-holds-barred zone. So once again, we have yet another case of a SJW/feminist who is trying get something changed and censored because she personally doesn’t like it.

    “the Street Fighter mod community simply serves as a representation of
    the larger problems in the rest of society, in terms of how the
    treatment of women differs—and that treatment gets reinforced by the
    game itself, in terms of the existing costume designs and the lack of
    body diversity. The game itself already presents the female characters
    as sex objects, and that attitude continues to pervade the mod

    Roughly translates as:

    “This is wrong, that is wrong, sexy women are wrong, men are sexists and misogynists. I personally don’t like it and I want it gone so nobody else can get to have it and enjoy it”

    “But I also wonder, at least in this
    case, whether there are other modders out there who don’t actually like
    the fact that these spaces are inherently sexual and that a lot of
    sexual content appears there without any tagging.“

    The vast amount of nude/sexy female mods speaks for itself.

    “Yet whenever I point out any of the reasons why, the community reacts
    with anger”

    Being an authoritarian and demanding that people censor/stop something that is completely harmless and something they enjoy just to suit YOUR OWN ideals does naturally make people angry, yes.

    It’s like if I complained about Twilight, saying that it’s wrong to sexualize men, and that all topless scenes should be removed, abs to be covered up and more fat/average men should be included. I wonder what reaction I would get from the fangirls.

    On a side note: I wonder if feminists like Maddy Myers would be complaining if mods were full of just handsome, muscley men with perfect abs in thongs?

    Simply astonishing how these utter c**ts can just claim victimhood for females, but completely dismiss and ignore males when it happens to them.

  • Celerity

    >Modding isn’t inclusive.

    Anyone can make a mod no matter how incompetent they are, and I regularly fight with such individuals because I have some standards of quality control and they don’t. If anything it’s overly inclusive.

    >Street Fighter mods aren’t safe for work.

    If your workplace is completely fine with you getting your fighting game on I doubt they care about breasts that much.

    >Some random comes in and starts ordering modders around as an outsider.

    There we go. That’s exactly what they’re doing. It’s not the first time either, remember when they got pissed and called it “censorship” when some modder made a mod that removes Mizhena from Dragonspear? Yet it’s not censorship when the devs themselves remove content?

    I don’t make nude mods or graphic mods at all, I don’t work with Dragonspear or Street Fighter, and I don’t know anyone that does. But I believe in the “They came for me.” law, so I will support them making whatever they feel like as long as they aren’t making shitty grind mods then lording it over me like they accomplished something it’s all good.

    Related: http://techraptor.net/content/sexy-heroins-female-power-fantasy

    Women enjoy powerful, sexy women as much as men, perhaps more.

    • Very well said. The whole invading a community and wanting them to make changes in the name of “inclusivity” hasn’t worked out too well for the previous communities that that’s happened to.

      • Celerity

        Besides, absolutely nothing prevents them from making conservative dress mods if it really bothers them. Aside from a lack of actual talent on their part… but I have seen people, male and female download such mods so there is a market, and they could easily accomodate it instead of bitching.

        But really, everything is Rule 34ed. Even our non sexualized mascot. Being perpetually triggered explains a whole lot about the world.

    • Whoever says modding isn’t inclusive has no fucking clue what “modding” even means. It means you can create whatever content you want. So, instead of whining how there is not enough inclusiveness, how about changing that yourself? I’m sure end result would be blue haired land whales, but hey, at least you’d make an effort and I’d respect that.

      • Celerity

        Exactly my point. But that’d requie actual talent, which you don’t have when your best prospects in life are salaried shitposting positions.

    • durka durka

      If modding isnt inclusive why do women act in quest mods for fallout?

  • Fear Me I Am Free

    Seriously, why are all of these people sex negative?

    • Because they’re killjoys who operate on schadenfreude.

      Usually combined with the fact that they are bitter and hateful, which is caused by them being physically inferior. So they feel the need to censor “sexy women” and make men think that it’s wrong to find slim, sexy women attractive.

      • scemar

        Plus they drank some ideological feminist kool aid that took advantage of those pre existing issues, reinforced them and gave them a structure so they can function more efficiently.

    • Dave The Sandman

      Because they are all fat lazy narcissistic rainbow haired metal faced hate pigs who only ever get plowed by the desperate, deranged or nohope chubby chaser betaboys who orbit them.
      They are miserable skin wastes, and so to get back at the world they blame for their own shortcomings they make the world around them as miserable and soulless as they are.

    • Erik Wedin

      Because thats the direction feminism – as a movement – took in 1982 during an event called “Barnard conference on sexuality” and that still the core values of the feminist movement and most womens groups today.

  • Hawk Hopper

    This is what I think someone who writes and believes all this SJW nonsense must feel: I think you would really start to hate yourself when everyone hates you for bitching about everything and anything they do. That’s what it must feel like to be one of these progressive writers on one of these shitty blogs. Everyone hates you for lashing out at them, so you hate yourself, so then start lashing out at everyone again just because you think you’ll feel better. But it doesn’t work out that way. It’s the hyper-sensitivity cycle. Rinse and repeat, the way TrigglyPuff showed you to.

    Also, the Mary Sue:

  • scemar

    People like lewd stuff

    more news at 9

    The SJW are so disconnected from reality it never ceases to be funny.

    • Wisdomcube2000

      SJW: Lewd is bad! Except when we like it. Then it is good! But if we find out that you start to like it as a straight white male, then it is right back to bad again!

      • Celerity

        Given the sort of lewdness they stereotypically enjoy, it’s no wonder they’re triggered by breasts specifically.

    • durka durka

      They are insecure. Thats it

  • Muten

    Man, i dont know who that maddy person is, but, such a party pooper haha.

    • Laytonaster

      I think she tried to make a “game” that was basically a whiny author tract about being trans-gender. She’s also buddy-buddy with Extra Credits, and I think was on the judge panel for Indiecade or something, where she boasted on Twitter that she’d penalize all games developed by men, regardless of quality.