Unfortunate Spaceman, Space Horror Game Enters Steam Early Access

If you remember the 1982 film The Thing by John Carpenter, this game by Sandswept Studios, Unfortunate Spaceman, plays out very similar to the film. As of now, It’s currently in Early Access and is for PC.

Image how unfortunate it would be if you were stuck in space on a broken shuttle trapped with a notorious shape-shifting monster with you, and it could be any of your crew members? Well, that exact concept is played out in Unfortunate Spaceman, as noted below.

“Unfortunate Spacemen is a multiplayer game about space-based murder in space! Spacemen work diligently to be rescued from their failing outpost, but not everyone is who they claim to be…”

I’m assuming the player who’s infected knows that they are an alien since I guess the bots can be it too, but what is certain is that other players around the infected don’t know. This adds to the mystery of who’s trust worthy enough to help find the parts to escape.

In addition to this, the alien will be tasked with not being spotted all while trying to kill everyone aboard the ship. Hence, it plays out as an unfolding mystery as the ship needs to be repaired but the alien is killing the crew while it happens.

You can check out the trailer and gameplay videos below, although I do find it a bit odd that the devs disabled the like rating on the videos, though it seems to be pulling in decent reviews on Steam and the negatives don’t trash it. Anyways, you can view it below.

Obviously the game could use some polishing with the graphics, and seems like it could get boring fast if you aren’t into the whole ratting out the mole in the party stuff. I guess to combat this, the devs did note that they will be adding new modes and maps to the game since it is in Early Access.

Speaking of modes and maps, the game currently holds five maps, and four more are in development. Each map will randomize items and equipment, making no two rounds similar.

Along with items in the maps, over a dozen unique weapons, tools and items can be used to defend one’s self, while rank-ups and perks can be unlocked to customize your character. Bots are also said to be integrated in the game so that you can learn the ropes, or to add more chaos in multiplayer.

If you want to get Unfortunate Spaceman, it currently has a 15% off sale going on, dropping the price down from $14.99 to $12.74. The sale ends May 13th. For more information you can hit up Steam Early Access or the game’s main site.


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