Vigor Roads: Mad Max-style Online RPG Seeks Kickstarter Funding

Vigor Roads is an action-packed car shooter developed by NeuronHaze. Players will be able to upgrade their character and car in this chaotic and mad world filled with raging cars and blazing bullets.

Vigor Roads pits player against player in this Mad Max style post-apocalyptic arcade racing shooter. The developers say that you won’t be locked inside your car, players will have control over the driver — called Mechanics; allowing you to still kick butt even without your vehicle and giving you a variety of weapons and skills to help you turn the tide of battle.

They even hint at allowing you to throw enemies out of their cars to take control. Of course, you will also be allowed to customize your character’s image and appearance to make them look more unique. However, at the moment it isn’t clear how much control you will have over your mechanic and if it will have first person and third person shooter elements.

vigor roads2

The developers for Vigor Roads have mentioned on their Kickstarter campaign page that they will have VR support with first and third person options, but it isn’t clear exactly how they will go about interacting and fighting. Perhaps it will be like the old MechAssault games where you could hijack other mechs, but pilots didn’t actually have direct combat capabilities? We’ll see as the developers release more information about mechanics and their roles on the battlefield.

The good news is, your car will be fully customizable with different car parts you can change out. The body, the engine, the tires, the outer armor to add more defense, as well as the option to paint your battle car to make it your own.

As for game modes, there are a variety of modes ranging from PVP to co-op. So far, it looks to be about eight game modes. Just to name a few- Carnage is your basic PVP death match. The Circuit Racing mode sounds like a series of races that players must compete to reach the goal.

Siege pits two teams against each other as you attempt to conquer the enemy base. Survival is a tower defense style mode where you have a set amount of time to build up your defenses to survive the night. While Sprint is a point A to B race, allowing you to get there by any means necessary. And of course, Story missions and co-op missions where you will have to work together in a variety of scenarios to complete your mission. You can take a look at the Vigor Roads Opening trailer to see a bit about what the game is like.

Vigor Roads is currently on Kickstarter looking to reach their goal of $25,000 USD, and they are already 27% funded with close to 28 days to go. If you are interested you can also cast your vote on Steam Greenlight and learn more about the game for additional details. Vigor Roads is scheduled for a 2017 release date.


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