Weekly Recap May 28th: Gawker Gets Bodyslammed By Judge, No Man’s Sky Delayed

This was a rather tame week in the realm of gaming news, which is a good and rare thing. There’s a huge calm right now before the storm that is E3. That doesn’t mean that there weren’t interesting news items happening throughout the gaming sphere.

A list of undiscovered beat-’em-up games was posted up to give gamers a look at some noteworthy beat-’em-ups on console and arcade machines that have mostly been overlooked over the years. Uncharted 4 was a huge seller for the PS4 and the Rolling Stone will be launching their own gaming website this fall. As for news to rustle jimmies… Gawker was denied an appeal in their case against Hulk Hogan, potentially scoring a win for those who value ethics in journalism. And sadly No Man’s Sky won’t be arriving in June… the good part is that the delay is only until August… so it’s not too bad. These stories and more in this eerily calm May 28th, 2016 Weekly Recap.


Undiscovered Beat-’em-up Games

Instead of being about some complete and utter BS about a company being corrupt, a game being broke, some indie scammers running off with people money or some SJW crackpot making up some kind of delusional nonsense, the first entry of the week is actually a celebration of some of the best undiscovered beat-’em-up games out there. It’s a list well worth checking out if you love eight-direction beat-’em-up games. A side-scrolling version of Dark Souls called Salt and Sanctuary is now available on Steam. Speaking of scammers, the Studio Ghibli inspired Lynn and the Spirits of Inao turned out to be yet another Kickstarter scam. And Oculus has decided to block HTC Vive users from using Rift apps… but modders already have a patch available to thwart the DRM applied to the Rift’s 1.4 update.


Uncharted 4 Is A Huge Seller

While it isn’t moving Call of Duty level numbers, it is moving big enough numbers; Uncharted 4 has sold 2.7 million copies in just a week’s time. Sony wasn’t shy about bragging about it and making everyone aware about the numbers they’re moving for the title. The mobile game Heavenstrike Rivals has made the leap from mobile devices to PC as a free-to-play title, and you can grab a copy right now from off the Steam store. 7 Days to Die will make the leap from Early Access to Xbox One and PS4 this June. And Syberia 3 will officially launch for the Xbox One, PS4 and PC starting December 1st at the end of this year, courtesy of Microids.


Rolling Stone Will Launch A Video Game Website

The Rolling Stone magazine will launch a video game website called Glixel. It already doesn’t have high hopes but expect it to fulfill the same sort of social justice quota as the current crop of gaming news websites. One of the biggest issues with Windows 10 is that it keeps trying to hijack the operating system of users by forcing its way onto the Windows 7 and Windows 8 systems. Well, there’s a fix in the form of Never10, which prevents Windows 10 from auto-installing on your system. Senran Kagura Shinovi Versus will arrive on PC starting June 1st. A new PS Vita demo for Toukiden 2 has arrived. And Facebook has admitted to having their content managers manipulate the trends using an injection tool.


Gawker Denied Appeal

It’s not over with quite yet, but the Hulkster is one step closer to the three count in the case against Gawker following the judge denying the media giant the motion to appeal. The release date for Mighty No. 9 has been set for June 21st… now it’s a question of whether or not it’ll actually launch on that date. If you were interested in picking up a copy of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Mutants in Manhattan for PC, you’ll have to deal with the fact that the game is hard-locked at 30fps instead of the advertised 60fps. Someone alert the Framerate Police. And there’s an interesting case for one game that is already finished and complete but the developers need to acquire funds for the publishing license across home consoles and PC… the only problem is that its $350,000. The developers have taken to IndieGoGo in a bid to get the funds to bring Edge of Twilight to life on gaming platforms to finalize its completion.


Yakuza 6 Won’t Be Going Pro-Feminism

If you were hoping that the guys and gals working on Yakuza 6 would inject more feminist ideals into the title, you better find an American studio to invest your hope into. The director for Yakuza 6 has said that feminizing the series is a no-go. A new online combat game called Absolver has recently been announced for consoles and PC, and it’s set to arrive in 2017. The trailer for the game looks mighty impressive. Microsoft is rumored to announce a brand new Xbox One unit at E3. The new unit will be one of two new Xbox devices set to come out this generation, with the second one – codenamed Scorpio – due for release next year, with VR capabilities. And if you’re in the mood for finding out what really happened at the end of Far Harbor in Fallout 4, this little guide explains it all for you.


No Man’s Sky Delayed

The rumors had been swirling all week long that No Man’s Sky had been delayed, but Sean Murray from Hello Games finally confirmed that the game won’t be arriving for Playstation and PC platforms until early August. FleetCOMM from Rogue Star Games doesn’t fare well with Steam users. The official mods for home consoles running Fallout 4 will arrive first on the Xbox One starting May 31st. Ubisoft released the latest patch for The Division but they managed to create a new set of glitches and exploits for the game while trying to fix the old glitches and exploits. And the highly anticipated Dragon Quest Builders will be arriving on Western shores for the PS4 and the PS Vita in October.


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