Welcome To The Game: Horror Puzzler Takes Players To The Dark Web

I know, we get a lot of first person horror games that are pretty much all the same: the player wandering around a dark house with some jump scares. We’ve all been there and done that. However, Welcome To The Game is doing things a bit differently, by allowing you to play a computer hacker searching through the Deep Web for a Red Room.

Welcome To The Game is developed by the indie team at Reflect Studios. For those of you that don’t know, the Deep Web is a special part of the internet that isn’t easy to get to by the average person, consisting of websites or content that is on the internet but isn’t properly indexed by most search engines, so you can’t just google the content and find it; it is buried in the Deep Web and normally takes some ingenuity on the user’s end to access or find that content.

Is everything on the Deep Web illegal or questionable content? No, but there is a part of the Deep Web called the Dark Web, and that is where a lot of black market activity goes on — such as underground drug trades, porn, and the hypothesized Red Rooms.

Welcome to the game2

This is what Welcome To The Game is all about, going on the Deep Web, finding the Dark Web content, and attempting to access a Red Room — a special website where other users participate in the torture or execution of a person on a live stream. Is the player some type of sadist? Or are you attempting to locate and access the Red Room to save whoever is about to be killed? I don’t know, but the concept is quite interesting and I became addicted when I watched some of the gameplay.

Welcome To The Game takes place in the protagonist’s living room, you are sitting on the computer and can look around the room and turn off the lights. However, that is just a side gimmick because the main game takes place on your PC. When you sit down and use the PC the camera will zoom in and go full screen, allowing you to search the Deep Web just like in real life. You will also have a notepad program so that you can copy and paste any notes you find. Players will have 30 days to locate the Red Room by searching through the Deep Web. You will encounter hackers and will have to play a series of mini games in an attempt to block them to keep your information and location secure. Failing to do so can and will eventually have dire consequences.

Welcome To The Game also has randomly generated content, so every time you play, the content you see on the Deep Web will slightly change.

Based on the Let’s Plays I watched, certain websites are only up and active at certain times of the day, and it is up to you to keep track of these sites and their routines to access them. You can take a look at the announcement trailer that I linked down below, as well as the gameplay footage uploaded by Youtuber Harshly Critical, who received an early version of Welcome To The Game to help promote it.

The developer had said that the Let’s Plays should be kept under 15 minutes or so to avoid spoilers, so there might be more to the game than we saw in the video. Welcome To The Game is currently on Steam Greenlight looking for votes and approval, so if you would like to live out your fantasy of being a hacker on the Deep Web, you can follow the provided link to check it out and learn more.


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