XCOM 2 Nude Mods Spruce Up The Combat

If you feel as if something has been missing from XCOM 2 and you just couldn’t put your finger in it, maybe it was the one thing that the alien occupiers weren’t expecting… nude mods.

Over on the NSFW LoversLab they managed to come up with a nude mod for XCOM 2 and update it to support some tattoos. According to the modder moomany…

“[…] mini update, no much changed, just added legs without pubic hair. Note I do know that any tier that isn’t kevlar won’t have bare arms, seeing as I can also fix the arm seams if I re rig them, I’ll add them in next time. Oh I’ve added a line in the ini to *mayyyybe* allow civs to spawn with, I can’t really test that properly.”

For now, only the female soldiers are running around in the buff, but some gamers want aliens and others sporting juicy junk as well.

The mod isn’t pitch perfect, though, and there are plenty of reports of it having some hiccups and hangups in some areas, but for the most part the mod appears to work as intended. Some users reported problems potentially with DLC conflicts, and moomany explained that there are some texture problems with the rigging and a lot of the fixes would require re-rigging the models….

“[…] the base ‘barbie’ torso and leg meshes come from the anarchy dlc upk but in static mesh form, no rig data, so annoyingly is causing my problem of seams that I’ve been bashing my head at for a month, which is why I haven’t posted anything for a while.”

Such is the horrors of modding.

Many of the users have lamented the lack of modding support from the regular modding channels such as the Steam Workshop and NexusMods, given that those areas aren’t quite bustling with activity the way some fans had hoped.

Then again, modding is an odd thing… sometimes it takes off with some games and sometimes it doesn’t. It all depends on the game. In the case of GTA, modders forced their between the legs of Rockstar’s open-world crime drama, pillaging the insides with creative intentions that extended beyond what Rockstar had designed for the game. In result, we’ve had some amazing mods to come out of that community.

Other games have been rather tepid with the modding, even when tools are provided to the community. In the case of XCOM 2, it may take some other kind of event to get more modders involved, but for now at least those concerned with nude mods are working diligently to make sure that fans of XCOM 2 can get their fill of T&A.

You can download the Bare Bare mod for XCOM 2 by visiting LoversLab.


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