YouTubers Life Cheat Trainer Unlocks Infinite Money
(Last Updated On: May 31, 2016)

Looking for cheats for YouTubers Life? As we all know, becoming a YouTuber is hard work. Trying to make good views, earn subscribers and boosting your social appeal takes a lot of effort. Well, some people who have played U-Play Online’s YouTubers Life don’t want to go through all of that icky stuff known as hard work. They don’t like that stuff and would rather keep it in real life.

Thankfully, for everyone who wants to get free stuff, free fame, and free popularity at the cost of nothing (but your soul) there’s a way to get ahead. YouTubers Life cheats are actually available through a free trainer, which will allow you to earn all sorts of stuff without having to work for it.

Trainer maker MrAntiFun published two different trainers for YouTubers Life, giving gamers some sleek options in how to maximize their fun in the game.

The first version of the trainer only has three cheats, but the second version allows for up to nine different cheat options. They include the following:

1. Inf.Money
2. No Hunger
3. Inf.Energy
4. Inf.Talent Points
5. Max Relation
6. Inf.Render Points
7. Instant Render
8. Instant upload
9. Instant Courses

That’s right, infinite money, no longer getting hungry so you no longer have to eat, infinite energy so you can party all night long, infinite talent points because sometimes you need to get ahead in life even when you’re a talent-less hack, and even mas relation points so you can get with the person of your dreams even when you know deep down you’re a low-down dirty scumbag who deserved the crackwhore that cheats on you with your neighbor’s spouse while they’re at work.

But the reality is that all of these cheats will make your life so much easier in YouTubers Life. All of the game’s challenges can be rendered moot simply by opening up the game first, waiting for everything to load and then proceeding to Alt-Tab and open up the trainer so you can begin to flourish and blossom as a YouTuber without putting in any actual work.

A few things that MrAntiFun notes on the site: the money cheat will not activate until you buy something. Once you do that you should note that you have infinite money.

For the other video editing cheats, once you enter into the editing screen for your video, make sure the trainer is activated and then press the corresponding button to activate the cheat so you get infinite editing points.

The same applies for the rendering points, uploading and the course cheats.

A couple of people have reported that version 0.7.7 of YouTubers Life gave them some problems with the trainer, but if you follow the steps as mentioned above, you should be able to activate the cheats as they’re listed.

You can download both versions of the YouTubers Life cheat trainer right now from over on the website.

You will need to sign-up for the site to download the trainers, but sign-ups are free. YouTubers Life is available right now on PC for $14.99. The game is currently on the Steam store in Early Access. You can learn more about the game by paying a visit to the official website.

(Main image courtesy of kavkawasdie)

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