Angus Hates Aliens, Redneck Action Game Launches On Steam

If you’re easily triggered by ridiculous terms like “toxic masculinity” and “the patriarchy”, you’re not going to like Team Stendec’s isometric, 16-bit inspired shooter called Angus Hates Aliens.

So why wouldn’t you like the game? Well, you play a redneck named Angus who really hates aliens. So what happens? Angus’ life is turned upside down when aliens invade Earth. It’s up to the trigger-happy, gun-loving, redneck-having, mullet-sporting, handlebar-mustache-wearing Angus to put an end to the alien menace and make Earth great again. Because gosh darn-it, nothing defines America quite like handlebar-mustaches and guns.

The game itself is not a politically charged endeavor to thwart attempts at fun. In fact, Angus Hates Aliens is designed like a beat-’em-up title with eight-directional gameplay in side-scrolling levels, but instead of unloading fists of furry on the unwelcoming horde of aliens, players will instead unload lead on the otherworldly xenos.

You can get a face full of the trailer to better understand how Angus Hates Aliens plays out. Check it out below.

Players will have access to 14 different items and weapons at their disposal, ranging from sub-machine guns and assault rifles, to flamethrowers and mines. The weapons can be used on 16 different alien enemies across 12 non-stop, action-packed levels.

One of the core tenets of the game is not just to shoot everything in sight, but to shoot everything in sight… tactically.

Ammo will be sparse and players will have to budget how they dispense bullets into the martian invaders.

Team Stendec’s sprite-based title is a single-player game with full controller support. It’s a cheap but endearing looking title with graphics one might have found present in the old CPS1 boards or the Neo Geo. If you’re in the mood for a tactically charged, side-scrolling shooter, you can pick up a digital copy of Angus Hates Aliens for $6.99 from over on the Steam store. For further info on this indie title, don’t hesitate to pay a visit to the official website.


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