Battlefield 1 Teaser Trailer Sports 15 Seconds Of Gameplay

Want to get an early glimpse of Battlefield 1 ahead of EA’s big EA Play that will lead-in the festivities an announcements for the week of E3? Well, the official Battlefield account dropped some sexy footage of Battlefield 1, featuring 15 seconds of in-game action.

It may only be 15 seconds but hot dang does it look good. I love the way they’re teasing the idea that trench warfare can be used to intermix guns and melee combat seamless, as they show a mace going head to head with a LMG. You can check out the 15 second teaser clip below.

As noted on the Twitter post by the Battlefield account, the full reveal trailer featuring in-game play will take place on June 12th during EA Play. They even link to the YouTube page so you can subscribe and be ready for the big announcements.

I just can’t wait to hear how the Battlefield theme will be remixed and re-introduced to the gaming world come June 12th. The Battlefield 3 theme from Johan Skugge and Jukka Rintamäki is still one of the best iterations of the theme out there, so let’s hope does right by the series and finds a way to top what Skugge and Rintamäki accomplished with the 2011 outing.

As for the 15 seconds of gameplay and what we can expect from the upcoming Battlefield 1… I’m curious if they’re going to tack on a decent single-player or if it will sport co-op? I’m also curious if dynamic physics-based gameplay will be a serious focus on this title or if it’s all going to be scripted, canned animations?

With the Xbox 360 and PS3 no longer in the picture, hopefully DICE can do something real nice and special with Battlefield 1. This would be the first Battlefield game that doesn’t have the last gen consoles holding it back, so we’ll see if that makes a big difference when the game is properly unveiled on June 12th and when it releases later this year in October.


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