#BlockLivesMatter Alpha Download Released To The Public

One of the most controversial games that took Steam Greenlight by storm was the indie game #BlockLivesMatter from studio Abandon Ship. It rendered an extremely polarized view from the industry due to its riff on the #BlackLivesMatter movement. No, scratch that – it polarized game journalists trying to virtue-signal social justice issues because it parodied #BlackLivesMatter; the general gaming community seemed to take it in stride.

The alpha version of #BlockLivesMatter was released to the public recently via Google Drive. Kotaku In Action user ninenyan9 posted a link for users so they could download a free version of #BlockLivesMatter over on Google Drive.

The game was pulled from Steam Greenlight shortly after gaining a lot of traction due to one of the team members having some serious personal issues they had to deal with. As mentioned on the official website

“Due to a sudden emergency concerning one of the key developers, we regret to inform you that we are postponing #BlockLivesMatter until further notice. In case there is any worry, the emergency was completely outside of the discussions happening around this project.”

Despite the gaming community and actual gamers standing behind Abandon Ship, the real life issues were just too much for them to deal with at the time.

If you don’t remember what made the game so controversial, you can check out the gameplay video below from Byte-Sized Chicken.

Well, now you can get your hands on the alpha version of #BlockLivesMatter.

There’s no ETA on if the game will ever be completed, and it’s hard to tell if – given all the controversy surrounding the title – if they will ever come back to it.

At least the game isn’t completely going to waste. For gamers who wanted to give the title a try in all its controversial simplicity (and really it’s just the name, there’s nothing actual controversial in the game itself) you can download it for free from over on Google Drive.


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