Cammy Cosplayer Forced To Censor Herself Following Complaints
Ashley Riot Cammy
(Last Updated On: June 25, 2016)

Oftentimes there are jokes in the gaming community that Social Justice Warriors want nothing more than for women more attractive than them to wear nothing but hijabs, but sometimes those jokes evolve from a meta-cultural meme into an actual policy.

Eventhubs is reporting that cosplayer Ashley Riot was forced to cover up her lower half when cosplaying as Street Fighter character Cammy White at this year’s CEO 2016 event in Orlando, Florida. The FGC tournament plays host to plenty of cosplayers and fighting game enthusiast from around the globe, but this time someone at the hotel thought that Ashley cosplaying as Cammy was just too risque for public exhibition.

The cosplayer took to Twitter to make it known that she was forced to self-censor in the public venue.

CEO 2016 event organizer Alex Jebailey has been coming under fire all day since the act of censorship transpired. Jebailey explained that he nor the staff of CEO were trying to censor cosplayers, and that hotel management security explained to Riot that she had to cover up after they received complaints.

Whoever was dissatisfied with a woman taking control of her own sexuality seem to want to drag female empowerment back to the era of the 1950s.

Riot told her followers not to get angry at the CEO staff following the act of censorship, stating that it was the fault of the individual complaining about her legs and butt, and not Jebailey, explaining on Twitter

“To be clear, the @CEOGaming staff has been amazing and respectful. I’m mad at the person complaining about MY LEGS SHOWING!!! […] Hey guys, please don’t hassle [Alex Jebailey]! It’s not his fault the Orlando Wyndham was a bunch if prudes :p he’s a very nice man.”

Typically Ashley Riot’s Cammy outfit contains a lot more flesh on display. You can see a photo from a Wirm Photography shoot where Riot is decked out in her Cammy gear from head to toe.

The outfit that she actually wore at CES can be viewed below before she had to cover up.

Lately female sexual empowerment has been coming under fire from the Regressive Left, also known in popular media as the Social Justice Warriors. They’ve been increasingly gaining control of various media outlets and instituting fulcrums of censorship through various hobbies and markets. Mainstream gaming in the West has had to practically remove all forms of female sexuality, and comic books are constantly undergoing criticisms and shifts to move away from catering to their mostly male demographic.

It now appears as if cosplay culture is now under attack, first with PAX instituting a ban on “aggressive navels”, as outlined on their PAX West Safety & Security section, and now female cosplayers dressing up as Cammy coming under fire for exposing their legs.

Funnily enough, commenters on the Event Hub article pointed out that Ashley Riot’s outfit is actually more covered up than most bathing suits you would find at a hotel pool.

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  • lambchowder

    “Regressive Left” meaningless term meant to besmirch people for focusing first on the unhealthy, imposing expectations on vulnerable groups within their own society rather than tackling worse situations in saudi arabia or india first. has the appearance of a double-standard for people who want to deflect when the discussion hits too close to home. popularized by people who feel like something of value in the dominant portrayal of women as hypersexual venus. pot calling kettle black.
    “Mainstream gaming in the West has had to practically remove all forms of female sexuality, ”
    Not even close. although it feels good to indulge in exaggerated self-pity from time to time, one is supposed to correct course mentally before seriously committing remarks based on that manic feeling to print.
    “…for taking control of their sexuality…”
    She’s inappropriately dressed for a hotel,a family environment with impressionable children or young men so people complained. That’s nice spin, but there is an appropriate time and place to take control of your sexuality and it is not at the breakfast counter at Econo lodge.

    • She’s inappropriately dressed for a hotel,a family environment with impressionable children or young men so people complained.

      There are impressionable young men and kids at every comic, video game, and entertainment convention. By your standards, she should never cosplay as Cammy. Thank you for proving to be a 21st century male feminist that mirrors the same dogmatic puritanism exercised by 1950’s chauvinists.

      Not even close. although it feels good to indulge in exaggerated self-pity from time to time,

      Please name a mainstream AAA game with a sexy female who embraces her feminine sexuality.

      Don’t worry, ace… I’ll wait while you thumb off your Bing tab of MLP porn to Google up some results.

  • Al Dente

    The epithet “regressive left” is largely used to demonize multiculturalism and feminism. Yes you can find feminists who don’t like sex. Andrea Dworkin and Catharine MacKinnon argue that due to the power structures in place that all heterosexual sex is tantamount to rape. There are feminists who indeed believe this but it is a fringe view. Just as not all Christians are young Earth Creationists and not all conservatives are white supremacists; not all feminists don’t like sex. I’ve been a feminist for over 30 years and have belonged to various feminist organizations and I assure you, most feminists like sex. I think Ashley Riot’s Cammy outfit was fun and sexy in a good empowering way. I’ve never been to comicon but I’ve seen far more provocative cosplay outfits than Ashley’s when I took my daughter to Bronycon and A-Kon and I was fine with them as well. If it was a feminist who complained about Ashley’s costume than I, representing most feminists, sincerely apologize. I just wonder how the author knew the complaint came from the “regressive left” as opposed to a right wing prude?

  • Krlozgod

    Why didn’t they invited the asshole/s that complained to leave if they were so offended?

  • MPT

    There’s nothing wrong with speaking out against anything risque. These Redneck Justice Warriors from the Regressive Right make it look as if it was the bubonic plague when you do that.

  • John Doe

    Feminism is a mating strategy.

    Make more attractive women feel bad about it, demonize men who don’t fuck fatties and hosebeasts, feminize and brainwash men to make them pliable = get them to fuck fatty hosebeasts.

  • Mike Campbell

    Look it sucks that Ashley had to cover up her cammy cosplay but it’s not a big deal

    • Censorship is kind of a big deal, because if this becomes widespread then women won’t be able to properly cosplay as Cammy at public events anymore.

      • Mike Campbell

        it won’t and we just have to stop being paranoid about this stuff its getting old

        • They said the same thing about taking games away, and lo and behold the West are no longer receiving certain Japanese games because they want to avoid SJW backlash. There’s also been a lot of censorship happening for games that do come West. It’s not being paranoid, it’s the new norm.

          • Mike Campbell

            i thinks it’s stupid that you think that Doax 3 didn’t come to the west because of “sjw” backlash, they didn’t care about the game in the first place and even they do they shouldn’t care about what they say hell
            Look at Kenichiro takaki he didn’t listen despite the criticism and the senran kagura games release stateside and it doesn’t help that the game sucked and has micro transactions again they don’t want to take games away when you have games like onichanbara existing

          • Koei Tecmo literally said it was because of the gender politics and SJWs as the reason why they didn’t release DOAX3 in the West. It sold best out of the series thanks to imports, but even then there were some journos who imported it just to call it sexist. Koei Tecmo was not wrong in their assessment.

            IFI also said they were withholding games because they didn’t want to have to go through the trouble of censoring them for the West, lest they get tore apart by the SJWs in media.

            Recently Katsuhiro Harada said they wouldn’t be bringing Summer Lesson to the West to avoid SJWs in the media.

            Senran Kagura and Onechanbara still release to small niche audiences. They avoid widespread press and only stick to promoting those kind of games in small circles. Also those two games don’t suck, not according to people who buy them, they have good user ratings and solid sales in the digital marketplaces.

          • Mike Campbell

            I’m talking about doax 3 that’s sucks because of less content removed girls like that Tina and micro transactions and they shouldn’t care what sjw say if they criticized the game so what that’s their problem and kt, if and harada are not above criticism

          • The Yakuza games are now coming Stateside, and m ore frequently too. Yakuza 0 and Yakuza 6 are both coming to America.

            And yeah, I agree DOAX3 kind of sucks when it comes to content and microtransactions. But apparently Japanese are really afraid of SJW media so they didn’t want to risk getting dragged through the mud by goony beard men.

  • C G Saturation

    A friend linked me this a few days ago, considered sharing it here, but heard it was Smash parents worrying about what their kids might see.

    Which is… sort of understandable, but at the same time, I can’t help but think back to when I was at school, kids were already making out and trying to share porn with each other at a young age. That was a long time ago, and I’m sure it’s gotten worse with the advent of the internet and mobile devices.

    I personally think it’s not a good idea to keep hiding basic facts of life from children. They are going to find out eventually anyway. From personal experience, people learn best when they are young. If you wait too long to teach people stuff, they end up becoming strange or stupid adults.

    • “heard it was Smash parents worrying about what their kids might see. If true, that’s… sort of understandable.”

      Is it really? Then maybe they should ask the women to cover up at the hotel family pool.

    • Pepper

      -> Blames Smash Brothers
      –> Bayonetta cosplayer at CEO and doesn’t get any complaints.
      Seriously. Fucking stop attacking the Smash fandom. They spend more time fapping to their waifus to be complaining about Cammy. Fucking Ryu is in Smash. Why would they attack another female character?
      I’m already sick of how the SF fandom has been acting this CEO. I don’t need people to assume that it was someone in Smash who complained.

      • Pepper

        Seriously. If you look at the comment section of EVENT hub, the SF fandom is using this to attack the Smash fandom despite as listed above how Bayonetta is okay but Cammy is not even though the Smash fandom knows Bayonetta is from an M rated game. Its fucking obvious what it’s about because the SF fandom got salty that Smash ended up having the most participants for CEO and the priority as a result.

        This is why this entire incident is more about starting beef between the FGC and not about this politic shit that people are so desperately trying to make this out to be. When the cosplayer said it wasn’t the CEO, it wasn’t him. Its insulting when people are saying that she’s covering for him even though she ranted about it on twitter. Its why I’m disappointed that this is even a thing.

    • Farell Foxx

      I didn’t actually do anything remotely intimate until 23… I feel crazy (pent-up, depressed…) when I feel aroused sometimes. It hurts, almost mentally. Point being, you’re probably right.

      (If this post offends you, go back to Candy Land… sorry, but I say this from a factual point-of-view. Not to start anything.)

  • LurkerJK

    Funnily enough, commenters on the Event Hub article pointed out that Ashley Riot’s outfit is actually more covered up than most bathing suits
    you would find at a hotel pool.

    Oh don’t you worry, they are building momentum, they will come after swimsuits eventually, the burkini will become a thing!

    • They won’t go after the beach swimsuits or bikinis because that’s the way women want to dress for the beaches or hotel pools, i.e. women are dressing for themselves.

      The problem they have with cases such the Cammy cosplay is that it’s something that caters to and is directed towards heterosexual men. It’s something that the straight men like. That’s why these feminist spackers have such a problem with it. The fact that Ashley Riot is sexy (she’s quite nice I think) AND that she’s someone that the men like physically is absolute and complete blasphemy in the feminist book.

      At the end of day, this is just another example of the SJW-feminist brigade eroding anything that caters to a straight male audience.

  • Alistair

    I been reading above article & comments & come to a conclusion SJWs are indeed Fucking stupid.

    It’s the legs now isn’t it we went from boobs to butt slap, butts, semi naked of women, strong male rescue women tropes to now Legs.

    I bet SJW got a huge list of don’ts but the biggest laugh is a self announced SJW if I was one of them thank god I’m not I wouldn’t announced it I announced that I’m 100% anti censorship in games & other media.

    If I was a SJW my friends family or Doctor think I got a illness rightly so. Because anybody who took offence of everything under the sun you got a problem. & crap upbringing.

    So I challenge Mike a SJW what games you want to be matured the only way I see this happening is Devs take out extreme violence, put women in bukkas so no flesh is showing have that princess toadstool rescue Mario instead.

    Banned HENTAI & ecchi outright so in the end what have you got if you stripped those content out, more games like candy crush, more childish games is the possible outcome.

    That what You & Anita & all stupid femminazi wants your feeling are hurt boo hoo. I’m offended too I’m offended of SJW that bully the hell out of Devs with censorship is the outcome. Her cover her legs is another censorship maybe Ashley should dress in a bukka too.

    • C G Saturation

      It’s not the boobs or butt or legs. It’s females and female skin. They are literally trying to body shame females.

      Look up Blade and Soul China Censorship comparison videos on YouTube, and see the comments there. Tons of Western people praising how the censorship changed all visible female body skin to pitch black, saying it looks better, and cooler, and whining about how seeing female skin is degrading and disgusting and offensive. Meanwhile, the males are still virtually naked, and nobody complains.

      • I think we really are reaching to a point where two versions of a game is needed.

        A censored version of the game for the overly-sensitive Western SJW-feminist puritan fucktards.

        An uncensored, original version of the game for the genuine gamers.

        It’s probably the only way now.

        And those Westerners whining about how female skin is degrading and disgusting, probably the same types that watch porn very often. Isn’t it ironic though that porn is extremely popular with Westerners and that the majority of it comes from the West?

        • scemar

          might be a good way to expose the SJW

          we all know they don’t really want games to appeal to them, they just want to get rid of any games that appeal to anyone else, but at least putting them in a corner with this approach would force them to move the goalpost and further show how fake they are

      • Alistair

        Do you believe that look at over watch farce a butt even not fully exposed she wearing tight trousers so the crack of her arse shows cause concern enough to get censored.

        So they complain about everything. I know soul edge was censored for the west in Japan the intro shows 1 female with nothing on the western version shows the same woman with a costume on.

        But we agree they batshit crazy.

  • patriarchal landmine

    feminism backfiring.

    • C G Saturation

      Considering that the hardcore feminists tend to be huge, fat and ugly, I think they are probably dancing in glee that their “feminism” is taking power away from attractive females.

      • John Doe

        Feminism is a mating strategy.

        • Yep… it keeps all the sane people mating with each other while they avoid the crazies.

          • John Doe

            It tries to make the less and least-desirable females seem artificially more desirable, among other things.

  • anopolis

    LUUUUULZ..i can’t help but find this funny.

  • scemar

    the fact that social justice warriors who follow feminism want to censor more attractive women out of their own spite which they have justified as virtuous thanks to their ideology, is not really a joke, if anything it is a fun fact

    this is exactly what they want from our industry and our culture,
    for it to be censored, stripped of the fun, so they can feel better with themselves

    this isn’t helping the medium “grow” or mature any more than chopping dicks of classic sculptures helped classic architecture “grow”
    it’s just gentrification and PC policing

    it ain’t making it more fun, and it isn’t fair either

    it’s even anti women-freedom despite being feminist, proving once again the contradiction in their alleged pro women stance and exposing the real interests of those in charge, whose feelings and own petty insecurities matter more than any pragmatical measure of justice for women

    but I for one love news like this, because stuff in social culture works in bursts, the pendulum seems to be swinging all the way in one direction before it suddenly pushes the other way and this is a very long game, it ain’t starcraft, it’s civilization
    anytime we get headlines like this it helps people wake up to the reality of things, the jokes they saw as satire turn into very real warnings and concerns and builds what will eventually become the backlash that will drive those retrograde opinions back into a nasty corner where they belong

    • lambchowder

      can i save this reactionary nails-on-chalkboard bloviating as a perfect example of an era when next to no one living was able to make a good faith attempt to apprehend the actual intent of what someone they considered threatening was actually suggesting for fear of losing something trivial? its just perfect.
      you’re practically in tears over video game cleavage trying to besmirch others thinking as being compromised by hysteria. this is the preferred tactic of cornered resentfuls. they actually dont believe this, they actually HATE me and theyre jealous, and theyre evil for believing thus, and only i have virtue!!!

    • lambchowder

      no it doesnt. no serious feminist advocates censorship, nor does it applaud it. this, as well as your resentful mocking claims, are entirely unsupported and unprovable. if you actually think measuring any woman by the standards of video game convention models and cartoon characters is appropriate for an industry – let alone a single person – is healthy, then congratulations, youve made the case for feminism.

      anything that curbs excessive license is anti-freedom. if thats unamerican, which i’m guessing youre implying, then being american isn’t laudable or something to aspire to. even if you could prove this fictive censorship link to feminism existed, it wouldn’t be exposing it unless it was hidden.

      your third paragraph is just sad hypocrisy. your opinions are the reactionary ones. theyre less reactionary than what goes on in saudi arabia, but we aren’t there. the real arc of the pendulum is between proscriptive morality stemming from repressive traditional dress requirements and licentious flaunting and hypersexual objectification.
      theyre the happy medium. youre the miserable extremist.

  • This is beyond a joke now.

    Just why do companies such as the hotel/CEO/PAX listen to and pander to these regressive little pieces of shit?

    I’m glad that Ashley Riot publicly spoke up against this farce though. Too
    many times I’ve seen other sexy female models go into silence after they
    get banned/censored from events.

    The moron who complained is an asshole, but the organizers of CEO or the hotel staff are equally assholes for listening to and pandering to that f*cktard in the first place. The whiner should’ve been told to stick it and f**k off in
    the most polite manner possible.

    • scemar

      my guess, they want to remain apolitical and avoid bringing heat their own way when there’s not much to win for them personally

      it’s a spineless and self serving stance to take, it hurts everyone on the long run, but it’s the smartest thing an individual can take

      the truth is the SJW can put a lot of pressure, they are erratic and illogical, and merciless
      so naturally many have developed a fear of them, some leg seems harmless but who knows what the SJW will make up and try to slander them with?

      that’s why we have a silent majority situation, people would have to take a risk to defy the SJW so many will lower their heads and let them have it their way for now

      The SJW lose in numbers and in argument, but they win because they can rush to attack anyone that steps out of line quick and with full force, so they manage to keep everyone down and no one dares be the first to defy them alone, fear controls, even irrational fear, specially irrational fear

      but once enough people defy them openly they will be overwhelmed, they won’t be able to retaliate against everyone, and that will let more people defy them with certainty they will get away with it

      the cosplayer did a great job defying the situation, she speaks up and that’s exactly what more people need to do for things to change

      • Agree with all of that, but I would probably question whether their stance is apolitical.

        I say that because they’ve sided with the complainer and got Ashley Riot censored. If the whiner was a SJW/feminist (which is most likely given the current gender politics climate in cosplay right now) then the stance itself is an act of political correctness.

        If they really wanted to remain apolitical then they would’ve just said that they value all freedom of expression and that it wouldn’t be right to oppress the cosplayer’s choice of clothing.

        “the truth is the SJW can put a lot of pressure, they are erratic and illogical, and merciless so naturally many have developed a fear of them, some leg seems harmless
        but who knows what the SJW will make up and try to slander them with?”

        Indeed. They also have the entire mainstream media and games media on their side as well, which gives them even more power.

        • scemar

          I mean they might have had an apolitical internal stance, their consensus might have been “let’s do whatever is best for us”
          like they didn’t care about the issue on either side at all so either choice would be the same to them

          in that case they’d go for the most seemingly logical stance for the sake of their own interests

          so compare the risks

          censorship route risk: you get called out by a bunch of mysogynerds online and no one cares about their opinions anyway


          it’s just a sad reality but choosing freedom over censorship can cost whoever was in charge their job or a promotion or something, the SJW’s have proven they are willing and capable of using their massive media power to slander and taint someone regardless of the legitimacy of their actions or claims and regardless of how reasonable it seems, they’ll go after anyone, in any way

          considering the risks themselves, an apolitical party would have some understandable motivation to let the SJW’s have it their own way

          at least for now

          there are two ways that can change:

          1-reduce the risk of obeying the SJW

          2-increase risk of obeying the SJW

          so we’ll see how things go from here

    • LurkerJK

      They have been trained for years to “avoid legal trouble”

      the US is the country that needs to put “the fire is hot”, “the sharp blade might cut you” and “hot coffee is hot” warnings on things

      They react unconsciously, “what someone is offended ?! quick cover it!”

    • News: According to Robin Ek of The Gaming Ground, apparently it was a group of people who whined about Cammy’s cosplay.

      Mark Kern did some digging and found out that Orlando had women in mermaid costumes that were far more revealing than the Cammy costume as the image shows.

      Make of this what you will about CEO.

      Credit to Robin Ek for this:

      • scemar

        gee you mean videogame related crowd got a harsher treatment than everyone else
        hmmm how interesting an unusual

        almost as if there was a double standard against the industry and its people and it was the result of an agenda against it instigated by the media

        • This highly suggests that CEO have lied. Seems that they might be yet another company that has caved in and pandered to the perpertually-offended.

          Not that it matters now anyway, because Ashley Riot I think has said she’s cool with CEO now.

          We all know this kind of thing will happen again. And the next company will cave in to the complaints and censor [insert sexy female cosplayer].

          Rinse, lather, repeat.

    • lambchowder

      regressive little pieces of shit. fucktard. assholes.
      its you, you’re the embittered reactionary.

  • Mike Campbell

    That’s a shame but stop blaming on feminist

    • Everyone needs to know Mike Campbell is a known SJW-feminist who defends Anita Sarkeesian. That is all.

      • Mike Campbell

        Yeah I’m an SJW who defend a person who gets unneeded hate for just stating her
        Opinion and make videos

        • Her “opinions” are sexist, racist, bigoted, intolerant, authoritarian, totalitarian, cherry-picked and extremely inaccurate. Oh and she’s a liar as well.

          Therefore when someone’s “opinion” has all of the above traits, that person will naturally be disliked and criticised.

          • Mike Campbell

            Sure she made mistakes and there’s stuff I disagree with but I just ignore her and just left her alone and if they would of done that she wouldn’t of been popular and gaming shouldn’t be just for men

          • if they would of done that she wouldn’t of been popular

            What are you talking about? Most people did ignore her, and in doing so she grew more powerful… so powerful in fact that she managed to get the ear of the United Nations, and now we have countries looking to legislate sexism labels on games because of her. How on Earth has that helped gaming?

          • Mike Campbell

            To be more mature and not just pandering to one fanbase it helped
            Movies and other media

          • What? Games have always had a large and diverse fanbase with a wide variety of games. The very thing Anita has been asking for has ALREADY EXISTED. She probably didn’t even know that a non-violent, non-masculine female protagonist in the form of Laura Bow even existed because she doesn’t play video games.

            Her main issue is that games centrally catering toward her demographic don’t sell well, and that’s no one’s fault but the people who don’t buy the games (and the sexist/racist media for purposefully ignoring those games).

          • Mike Campbell

            I didn’t know Laura bow existed until I seen pushinguproses video on her, it doesn’t mean she doesn’t play games not the same game you and I play but she Dow like katamari and beyond good and evil and the problem she has is that nowadays there too many games that have only violence as a game mechanics and the fanbase maybe diverse but haven’t matured

          • Dude, that’s complete and utter 200% bullcrap. There are sections on digital distributors where you can literally just search up non-violent, point and click games, or platformers, or clickers, or card games, or sandbox building games, or visual novels.

            These games have existed long before Feminist Frequency was a thing.

            Epic Pinball was one of my favorite games back in the 1990s and there was nothing violent about it. The Giana Sisters existed back during the days of Super Mario. If you didn’t want to play as damsels in distress, you didn’t have to. Maniac Mansion, Day of the Tentacle and King’s Quest were just a few of the other non-violent games from back in the day featuring female protagonists in empowering roles. That’s not to mention the Nancy Drew games and other titles from Her Interactive.

            In fact, has Sarkeesian ever said anything about Her Interactive?

          • Mike Campbell

            But there still more white male protagonist than female protagonist in aaa gaming and most gamers can be immature for bashing games that focus on story like gone home and her story and harassing Anita

          • But there still more white male protagonist than female protagonist in aaa gaming

            So what? It’s a free market. If other character archetypes from different cultures sell then there will be more of those kind of games.

            most gamers can be immature for bashing games that focus on story like gone home and her story and harassing Anita

            Meh, it’s no different than Jonathan McIntosh bashing on violent games. Different people have different opinions. The trolls harassing Anita? She uses them to create victim bucks when in reality she should have pressed charges when she had the chance, especially when #GamerGate’s harassment patrol brought her the perpetrator’s info right to her doorstep.

          • TT

            to be fair, it would make more sense to direct everything at Joshy, considering Anita is just a sockpuppet for him :^)

          • Michael P

            Anita dumped #FullMcIntosh mate, he’s yesterday’s leftovers now.

          • TT

            really? huh…i gotta get more updated with this stuff

          • Josh McIntosh… once a cuck, always a cuck.

          • C G Saturation

            Because everytime someone makes a female protagonist, everyone complains that it’s sexist. See how you are assuming that a result must only have one explanation? That is extremely simple-minded.

            In reality, any single result could have a number of influential factors.

            For example, if you see a dead body on the ground, do you automatically assume a black person must have murdered them? Do you assume they must have died from cancer? It doesn’t work like that.

            Sarquasar’s videos tell you, “this is this, so it must equal that” and you believe it because you’re too lazy to do your own research.

            Your “opinion” isn’t your own. You are simply following someone else’s agenda. They profit, you gain nothing.

          • Farell Foxx

            Oh look, another SJW (Supporter) who has no clue what he’s talking about. I’ve played a great many games with female protagonists… even side characters that are central to the plot; Tomb Raider was my favorite series in the early 2000’s, believe me; I wasn’t looking at her breasts. I was only 10-13 years old, and I loved the stories and the mythology associated with them. I was into Egyptian myths for years! It had nothing to do with Lara Croft’s figure… I still think it’s quite an empowering series. (These were the first 5, mind you.) I even appreciate older horror movies with Murderesses, because they are usually very strong women, despite the point that what they’re doing isn’t the best solution… I love The Fifth ElementMilla Jovavich for the part she plays. She can be strong and attractive, despite her naturally smaller cup size. It’s a refreshing thing at the very least!

            Well, I can’t fix certain people’s nonexistent intelligence, I suppose.

          • C G Saturation

            It’s extremely obvious from your comments that you really don’t know a lot of things.

          • Farell Foxx

            God, your an idiot. Do your research for ****s sake…

          • Like Billy have already said, games have always had a large and diverse fanbase with a wide variety of games.

            Video games are diverse and cater to a diverse audience. It always has done.

            It seems that the ones who have a problem with genuine diversity are people like YOU.

            You know why? Because SJW-feminist cucks like you are always trying to erode and get rid of anything that caters towards the heterosexual male demographic, and instead want EVERYTHING catered towards women and feminists ONLY.

            That’s not very diverse is it you fucking spacktard?


            And what utter bullshit that “mature” has helped movies and media.

            All it’s done is create a politically-correct, thought-policed and tone-policed suppression of free speech and expression through fear-mongering via lynch mobs for anyone who dares to speak ill of Social Justice, feminism and women.

            Social Justice and feminism sends every entertainment medium down the toilet. Fact.

          • Are women banned from purchasing video games? No.

            Are women banned from playing video games? No.

            Are women banned from talking about video games? No.

            Are women banned from reviewing video games? No.

            Video games have never been just for men. It’s always been for everyone.

            The reason why there’s less women in gaming has always been because by comparison they generally aren’t as interested in video games as the men/boys are. This is especially true back 10-15 years ago – women/girls were just not interested.

          • C G Saturation

            Gaming has never been only for men. You’d know that if you lived on Earth.

        • chizwoz

          She gets SOME unneeded hate. She also gets a lot of very much needed hate for the lies, antagonism and professional victimhood.

          • Elilla Shadowheart

            She’s not gotten anywhere near the same amount of hate that Jack Thompson got, and she’s peddling the same type of pearl clutching that he did.

        • C G Saturation

          I don’t consider jumping to conclusions with no basis and stating it as fact to be “opinion”.

        • Farell Foxx

          You’re a woman named mike? That’s new. No judgement of course, it’s just interesting…

    • scemar

      feminism is cancer

      • TT

        hey now, don’t insult cancer like that

    • Feminism was never mentioned once in the article. I think you had Freudian slip, Ace.

    • Michael P

      Well it wasn’t blamed in the article but if 3rd wave radfems weren’t so eager to suppress female sexuality (lest the evil cis male scum be turned on *GASP!*) maybe feminism wouldn’t get blamed for shit like this.

      Because IT IS neo puritan radfem ideology promoting this anti sexualisation bullshit.