Conan Exiles Features Topless Women, Mutilation And Purging

If you want to craft cool cities and houses like Minecraft, survive and fight like in Rust, and look at boobies like in Age of Conan, then Funcom has you covered (assuming they don’t chicken out between now and September 13th and start self-censoring their own product).

The company recently announced that Conan Exiles is coming to Early Access this September. Funcom followed up on the announcement by releasing a pre-alpha trailer to showcase some of the gameplay, including the ability to build your own homes, stores and castles, as well as venture through the great deserts to fight mythical creatures, even scope out some NPCs hanging around with no shirts on. I have no idea how well that last part is going to go down in today’s society. Everything these days gets hit with a “sexist!” remark even if in some regards the characters are portrayed equally (such as both males and females in Conan Exiles being topless).

You get your first glimpse of the boobies during the segment where the player comes across a man and a woman hanging up on cross, presumably there to be used as sacrifices for the giant snake. You can check out the minute long trailer below.

Nice… mutilation!

It seems like the dangers of combat are rarely ever highlighted in survival games like this, so I’m glad to see that kind of element added in there. If you’re fighting a boss you should be afraid that he might cut off your arm, stamp on your leg or split you half. It looks like that sort of thing will be prevalent in Conan Exiles.

Funcom CEO Rui Casais explained in the press release…

“The team wants to give the players the best possible experience, and while we are used to working on a game for several years before letting players in, this time around we will let players in just nine months after development started! As with any Early Access games, some features and content will be more finalized than others, and players will be able to help us focus on what’s important to them so that we can improve the game and flesh out content and systems before full launch.”

Also, in a recent AMA the team revealed a lot about the game mechanics, features, the roadmap and the gameplay. In a post on Steam they highlighted the important parts from the AMA, such as the fact that players can “punch anything”, which includes punching camels in the mouth like they stole your wallet.

The game will support both single-player and multiplayer modes, but they mention that surviving in single-player will be much harder compared to playing online, cooperatively. They also note that NPCs will populate the game world and that they will be a “defining feature” of Conan Exiles. That’s a huge relief because it means that when you make your big ‘ole cities there will at least be some NPC s there to populate it.

Conan Exiles

They also mention that there will be quite a few new features to help give the game some life outside the “staleness” that some players claim they encountered with Facepunch Studios’ Rust.

According to Joel Bylos, the creative lead on Conan Exiles, there are various systems in the game that will drastically affect how you play, explaining in the AMA…

“[There’s the] Religion system, Thrall system, Purge system. Keep in mind we will have a roadmap for early access and not all of these things are planned for launch.


“The Purge is designed to address this. NPC armies will invade and you will need to defend your stuff (or trick them into attacking your enemies)”

Bylos also mentions that opposite of some other survival MMOs out there, they’re focusing very heavily on optimized melee combat; it’s supposed to be the bread and butter of Conan Exiles… in addition to the crafting, building, exploration… and boobies.

But getting back tot he melee combat… they will have single-handed weapons, sword and board options, two-handed weapons, as well as different armor types, blades, a stamina system, shield-breaking, poisons, and various attacks for different types of weapons using a sort of rock, paper, scissors setup.

You can learn more about the game by heading on over to the Steam page or look for it to enter into Early Access starting September 13th.


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