Conor McGregor Becomes Playable In GTA 5 Thanks To Modder
GTA 5 Conor McGregor

The fiery Irishman, Conor McGregor, has managed to make his way into GTA V thanks to modder NovaX 3D Modeling. The UFC fighter and outspoken pugilist appears to fit right in with the Grand Theft Auto universe.

NovaX’s little mod sees Conor “The Notorious” making the leap from the UFC and into Rockstar’s open-world action title. According to NovaX, he built this mod from the ground up, writing on the page…

“I started this from zero. Texture generated by the program was a complete garbage, so i retextured all, and edited the head model (A lot of work here). Hope you like it, one of my best head models i’ve ever made.”

GTA 5 Conor McGregor

The quality of the model port is pretty much spot on. The only thing they should have done is give him some classy duds in the screenshots to match his outgoing personality.

It’s also rather fitting that they have Quiet standing right beside him in the screenshots. The silent sniper was recently modded into GTA V, allowing gamers to get their hands on the Metal Gear Solid V character and play around with her in Rockstar’s crime-ridden sandbox.

It didn’t take long for modders like NovaX to get a little cheeky with both Conor and Quiet.

GTA 5 Conor McGregor

I’m sure there’s someone on tumblr right now getting triggered by that image, even though all Quiet is doing is closely examining to see if Conor is an innie or an outie.


Now if you want to put the raging Irishman into your copy o f GTA V there’s a slight process required.

First, you’re going to have to turn Franklin into a white guy. That’s right, the one playable black guy in GTA has to get whitified. So first up, get the White Franklin mod and install it. The reason for this is because Conor will replace Franklin in the main campaign mode and single-player portion of the game.

GTA 5 Conor Mcgregor

After you change Franklin from black to white, you’ll then need OpenIV and the actual mod file, which you can download from the website.

Now the only thing they need to do is replace one of the cops with Nate Diaz so that every time McGregor gets his butt beat it’ll be by a Nate Diaz cop.


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