Criminal Girls 2: Party Favors Had To Make Art More Consensual For The West

NIS America made a recent blog post explaining what sort of changes they had to make to Criminal Girls 2: Party Favors for its release in the West on the PlayStation Vita.

Over on the NIS America blog, they detail how the ratings board members they’ve been in discussion with for the North American and European release of Criminal Girls 2 on the PS Vita, have mentioned that some of the art would have to change in the game to give the impression of “consent” from the characters.

As mentioned on the blog…

“Two of the main concerns that ratings boards had in regards to Criminal Girls: Invite Only were power imbalance and consent. To avoid this, we decided to change some of the terminology to reframe the situations to be accepted by the ratings boards. Criminal Girls 2: Party Favors follows the same trend for consistency.”

The ratings boards in different regions have different standards. In Japan the CERO are more finicky about violence and gore. In America any sort of risque material has the ESRB on edge ready to hand out a Mature rating. In Europe PEGI is a little bit more lenient when it comes to some adult subject matter, but their ratings are slightly different from the ESRB.

Nevertheless, the boards seemed to not want to allow users to see images like the one left in the example below. And as a forewarning… the image below is obviously not safe for work.

According to NIS America, they also removed the Japanese dialogue during the “punishment/motivation” sequences since they didn’t have subtitles available during those scenes. So since it wasn’t possible to understand what they were saying, they just removed them.

They also discuss how they won’t be re-releasing the game in an uncensored state on PC because they don’t want to have to reprogram anything and they certainly don’t want to get hit with the AO rating. They state…

“Releasing an uncensored version on PC would require having the game reprogrammed and rerated. It is also against our company policy to release “unrated” games, so this possibility is quite unlikely.”

In some regions unrated games are a no-go, like South Korea. Some could argue that NIS could simply release an unrated version of the game specifically in North America and only on Steam… but then again, Steam doesn’t allow for excessive, gratuitous sex. So it would have to be made available on one of those back-alley websites where you have to watch your wallet and cover your holes.

According to PlayStation Lifestyle, gamers can get their hands on Criminal Girls 2: Party Favors for the PS Vita starting September 23rd. There’s a teaser trailer below that you can check out to help tide you over.

Oh, and other then the “consent” and “punishment/motivation”, the game will be unchanged. No Treehouse-style localization for Criminal Girls 2.


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