Digifira Wants To Put The Community Back Into Gaming

Today’s gaming industry communities are in shambles. It may not seem like it, but when it comes down to it, the largest gaming communities out there are highly politicized. You can’t hold a certain opinion lest you be labeled as a “wrong thinker”, and you can’t protest certain institutional policies – especially in regards to censorship and the reclassification of terms to embody an act of censorship – lest you be eligible for permanent bans or risk becoming a pariah. Well, one site wants to build up a community that puts an end to that kind of nonsense and it’s called Digifira.

Editor-in-chief Mark Ceb [Disclosure: We’ve talked a few times] posted up a letter to the community over on Digifra to let gamers know that they want to put the growth of gaming back into the hands of the people who made gaming what it is: the gamers.

Ceb writes…

“I’m hoping Digifira is a place where we can discuss the characters, themes and craft of the things we are passionate about as well as the redeeming qualities of the cultures that blossomed around it. Hopefully next time we discuss if something is bad, it’s with regard to the merit of the actual work.


“Myself and a few people will be putting up some articles but the real heart of this site is going to be you”

The core of the site will focus on community generated content; user blogs, reviews, insight and opinion pieces that spans the spectrum of fandom across games, comic books and movies.

It’s a site with the potential to be what Destructoid once was: a site for gamers by gamers.

These days there’s a lot of political rifts separating what gamers want and what the media and industry are delivering. Then again, when the industry does deliver what gamers want, the media isn’t always there to let the audience know about it. And other times gamers are thrown to the wolves to suffer through politically divisive content as a way for the media industry to show that they’re diametrically opposed to the concept of growing the gaming industry based on information that could potentially lead to gamers having fun.

A perfect example of the above is IGN‘s latest piece promoting Anita Sarkeesian and Jonathan McIntosh, two individuals who have spearheaded efforts to get games censored by running to the United Nations, which in turn had the United Nations coming down on Japan. Other developers felt it just wasn’t worth risking publishing their games in America, and we have companies like Koei Tecmo and Idea Factory International opting simply to not release their games Stateside for fear of the third-wave feminist backlash.

So censorship, xenophobia and political divisiveness have all become the order of the day within the mainstream gaming brackets.

Anyway, Digifira will be a place for actual dissemination of ideas and opinions. Hopefully this marks a new territory in gaming where instead of being met with instigation and censorship, there’s open consideration and discussion.

You can learn more about the site by hitting up the official Digifira website.


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